One Clever Squirrel

A few days ago, I was sitting in my car looking at a squirrel build a nest high above the branches in a pine tree. It was entertaining, to say the least.

I was in awe at how this miniature animal would jump and run alongside the fence and stop, to look at me, instinctively knowing I was looking at him. I sensed he was feeling me out. (I don’t know the gender, but I’ll refer to it as him).

After what seemed like a few minutes, he scurried down the fence, under the neighbor’s car, to a mound of leaves where he would take his small paws and place a few leaves and small twigs into his mouth to carry it up the fence. There he would take his tiny hands and neatly make sure none of the leaves he picked up would fall from his mouth before he darted up the tree to continue building his nest.

I tell you, by the 3rd run, I told myself this little one is determined and resilient. I may have been out of breath by then, but he wasn’t. He would always stop and stare at me for a few seconds before he heads back down the fence.

He is one clever squirrel.

My neighbor asked me what I was doing and I told her I was watching a squirrel at work. She found it amusing and laughed. She may think I’m nuts. 🙂

Have you ever watched one at work?

25 thoughts on “One Clever Squirrel

  1. what a delightful pastime, squirrels are uncommon here but I’ve watched ants, bees, birds … many creature in their daily toils, they have much to teach us!

  2. Haha. This is lovely! Even I do that sometimes. Once, I was walking with my friends and I saw this cat scratching her neck and I just stood there and was fascinated with her. My friends then realized that I was no longer by their side so they came back and dragged me my hand! :p

  3. I never got the privilege sadly. My Cat Claudia stood watching them run along the fence at the back of our garden fence, they locked eyes then it disappeared out of eye shot.

  4. I agree squirrels are the best. I watch them everyday in our backyard, having an early lunch, chasing each other, playing, digging and burying. There are 2 black squirrels among them that I have come to love a lot.

  5. Squirrels are the best. We have a family in our neighbourhood. And they are the best to watch. I see them having breakfast, having a grooming session and sun bathing, and playing. The dig up my garden and all sorts..

  6. Not squirrels, but I watched a bunch of cats a while back for a short period. Animals have their own communities, and it’s fascinating to observe them. We often think they’re simply following their instincts and don’t have intellect, but we just don’t understand their languages. I would love to really hear and understand those conversations….like Dr Dolittle 🙃

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