Now Is All That You Have


Do you have a dream you want to fulfill and thought I can’t right now. I’ll start when I have more time. The day when I make enough money. The day when my son/daughter starts school. The day when they graduate from school…you get it.

What are you waiting for? The truth is now is a good time to put your dreams into motion.

You shouldn’t wallow in yesterday’s regrets and worry  about the future. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.

Let’s make today the day to begin your journey of fulfillment and productivity. Make the best of the opportunities it brings.

Yes, there will be obstacles and challenges along the way…just take it in stride. Today, you can make your situation better from yesterday’s mistakes. And today, you can create your future by taking every action to achieve your goals. At the end of the day, don’t let anything deter you from fulfilling your dream.

Now go for it!  I know I am.

17 thoughts on “Now Is All That You Have

  1. I am loving your thoughtful and inspirational posts lately…and thought I’d leave a comment telling you. I haven’t had time to do anything except ‘like’ posts lately but your blog is one of my favourites 🙂 Imani xxx

  2. I claim this moment, I have realized that the time will never be right. Thanks so much for the post

  3. I really have one dream that when I once told my mum and dad about it one morning, I discuss every single pieces of that dream and when they heard it, they think is was way beyond my expectation and I told myself loudly “I’M GOING TO SHOW YOU!… I MEAN I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU PROUD ONE DAY!.
    that’s what in told them and they believe because they know what I’m capable of!
    Nice and awesome post!

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