Nature is my Home

Home is where my bed is.  It is where my dog curls up at my feet at bedtime.  Where I can walk around all day in my PJ’s.

But something happens to me when I walk outside in nature. I spend an hour or more on a mindfulness walk in the park, on a hiking trail or in my backyard to reconnect with nature and I feel peaceful, reconnected and more present.



20 thoughts on “Nature is my Home

  1. It’s amazing how spending some time outdoors always boosts my mood, even if I’m simply sitting in my back yard with the dogs. It’s rejuvenating.

  2. guess what— this morning I watered my mother’s plants and took pictures of some flowers. The hibiscus on my sight is from her garden. Like the pic. on your post and I too like nature. Stay aware !!

  3. I agree. There’s something invigorating about being outside amongst nature, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying big skies above us. Makes me feel more present and alive.

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