Multi-Dimensional Healing

Multi-Dimensional energy work bringing blance, alignment and freedom

Multi-dimensional healing are spontaneous channeling of communication and healing from higher dimensions such as ascended masters of light, angelic realm, our higher selves and guides, to shift your consciousness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I specialize in multiple quantum healing modalities and techniques such as Universal Rays & Frequencies, Light Language, Sounding, Arcturian Healing, EFT and Reiki to assist clients reach their optimal healing.

Universal Rays healing therapy affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical and your energetic bodies to come into alignment.

  • I work with the loving and powerful Prana energy from Mother Earth, healing angels and our guides to prepare the energy bodies and chakras to open to receive the transformational energy of the Universal Rays.
  • I use light language or toning depending on what is necessary.
  • The rays are channeled to your chakras, meridians, organs (if needed) and energy body to bring about transformation and alignment.
  • With the assistance of a set of channeled cards, we will address your healing journey. This is very specific guidance that assists me to work with the correct energy for you at the time of the session.
  • You will release limiting beliefs through love and forgiveness. It will raise your vibration and frequency and expand your consciousness.

Discover Your Soul’s Path

A Soul Path Reading highlights the Universal Rays that drive your thoughts, feelings, relationships and challenges in your life.

It will provide insight to your souls themes it has been exploring for different lifetimes. It can help you understand the kind of experiences you’re here to have now and the lessons you’re here to learn.  

To receive your Soul Path Reading, please provide the date and time of your birth. You will receive the reading via email. Please allow two weeks.  Cost is $50