Moving from 3D to 5D

Our planet is going through a transformation. We’re moving from a 3rd dimensional level of consciousness to 5th dimensional. Nothing like this has happened in our history, and new timelines are unfolding before each of us.

In our 3D level of consciousness there is physical awareness; ego gratification, beliefs primarily held in fear, powerlessness, duality, etc. When we are ready to move beyond the 3rd dimension, we must go through the 4th dimension. Those who remain unawakened, in 3D awareness, have chosen unconsciously, not to take the step to 4D awareness. They are not yet ready, as they are still learning their lessons at “The School Of Life”.

In the fourth dimension the mind and imagination are the perceptive mechanisms. It is where our collective consciousness resides and the place where your thoughts and intentions can manifest. The 5th dimension is even lighter in frequency, having pure love, cosmic consciousness, and a multi-dimensional reality. The time frame for integrating a fifth-dimensional consciousness will vary from person to person, depending on how awakened you are.

Are you still with me?

During this upgrade from 3D to 4D, we are asked to rest and be prepared to release the last vestiges of control and fear, so that we might be able to respond to the quiet inner messages of spirit, with clarity and calm.

4th aware

When you shed old habits, beliefs, judgment, fear, you significantly affect the collective process of Ascension AND disclosure, empowerment and permanent shifts in the collective consciousness will be seen and heard of more and more.

Humanity must operate from a place of love, peace, cooperation, acceptance and understanding if it is to move on and expand past the current limitations and definitions it has placed upon itself. A portion of the change we are witnessing on planet Earth today is people waking up to what has been happening. The millennia-old world of the dark cabal is falling apart. The vote to exit Britain from EU is a visible part of what is occurring around the world. My understanding is that this is the beginning of a different way of unity as the image of unity which Europe holds has been a false one.

Through the use of mainstream media, education and more, we have been programmed with false ideas and belief systems of how the world and the industries that govern it work.

Only a small group of people (dark forces, Illuminati, cabal) and the corporations they run are in control of all the world’s resources. When something new comes along and threatens these industries, they put a tremendous amount of effort into concealing and covering up their intentions.

As you explore this transition from 3D to the 5D, it’s best to practice accepting yourself as you are. Embrace whatever experience arises within you with an open mind and then let it go! Get to know yourself as a spiritual being, which is limitless, all powerful, and deeply connected to God/Source.

I realize this is a great deal to take in and fully digest. Perhaps you’re thinking this woman is not all up there (hehe) or maybe you resonate with the text. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, keep in mind we are here to positively influence, transform, direct and lead the future of humanity into a new era based on unity consciousness!

It is why we’re here on planet earth at this time…we are an influential group of LOVE and LIGHT in human form. It’s definitely an amazing time in history.

50 thoughts on “Moving from 3D to 5D

  1. That is a great post! Yes, yes, yes! We’re the transition team – the ones who volunteered to be here at this time to support the transition (ascension) of this world <3

  2. I fully embrace this post in understanding it. What a blessing to be living in this time, and knowing/believing that we have already begun moving in this new reality. It’s hard to believe for some as they are still stuck in fear of life being full of dis-ease. However, being sensitive to the transformative nature of change helps make sense of the new way of being. Being part of this change is the most helpful. One can’t sit around hoping a quiet peace will come. We have to be part of the change we seek. Thankfully, there is a growing collective, and if we’re smart, we’ll connect with it…TODAY!

  3. This is so weird. I just finished publishing my own post on the harsh ‘school of life’, my sudden aching for a more authentic, soulful life, and the lack of teaching about this at school. And here you are, writing about this shift of consciousness. From what you’re telling us, I’m right in the middle of “the upgrade from 3D to 4D, where we are asked to rest and be prepared to release the last vestiges of control and fear”. You failed to mention that this is an extremely blurry, uncomfortable, scary stage of development… Still, reading this makes me feel a little bit better 🙂

    1. Synchronicity at its best! Yes – it can be scary only because we’re used to the way we’re living and not comfortable with change. Will pass by your blog later today. 😊

  4. What a read! Inspiring and well put. I’m on the verge on learning more and getting on this level, and putting negativity behind me. Thanks for posting this!

  5. This was so interesting to me. I love having these conversations. You wrote this in a way that it is understandable without it being airy fairy. I feel the shifts happening at such a cellular level and I love it. Sometimes there are no words to describe a shift and that’s when I know it’s happening for me in real time. Thank You for this today! 🙂 Alexis

    1. Nice of you to say that. You’re starts in a cellular level. Glad you were able to resonate with it. You’ve definitely shed so much of the old…you’re a warrior!

  6. Cool post !
    Yes, I like how you have a worded this post about the shift in consciousness. I remember when I started reading books by Spiritual authors a couple of years ago, it took a while for me to understand the concepts. I was getting something out of reading this stuff and continued with it.
    I realise that source, spirit, consciousness is all one thing. What I took out of your post was that people are becoming more aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions and realising their ultimate spiritual nature.

  7. What an intelligent and inspirational write-up! I couldn’t stopping reading. And truly, I learned something new today. Well done, Bernice.

  8. This was really powerful and gave me goosebumps as I read it. I’ve been feeling a shift in myself, as I’ve been drifting and trying to find purpose and meaning … and somehow these words just seem to resonate with me, as I feel I’m on the right path. I don’t quite understand it all but I’m going with the flow.

    1. Glad to know this resonates with you! Awesome. Just let things be…if you’re on the right path good things will begin to transpire, if they haven’t already. A big hug. x

  9. Ok, I didn’t know about these dimensions and that they were called that way. Whatever they are called, we just really live to abound in love at all times. =)

  10. Wow. I was thinking about this last night as I was getting ready for bed. Our bodies are vessels keeping us in a 3D world of basic wants and needs. Nonetheless, these vessels are necessary. I’ve been sensing a slow shift by us toward the 4th and 5th dimensions that you mention in your post. I believe that heaven may actually be the shedding of our vessel so that we can fully ascend to that 5th dimension. An awesome post. 🙂

      1. Yes it is. I think the internet is helping that shift through the sharing of ideas. One of the best things to come out of the internet. A slow movement ocurring beneath the cute cat videos.😊

    1. Your consciously aware of it which is the first step. There are so many people who are moving into the 4th dimension now while our planet is ascending…and others so advanced who are in the 5th already. Each person is unique. x

  11. I’m on the resonating side. You’ve explained it well though I may have to read it again later to fully digest it and ask questions 🙂

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