Get That Funk Outta Here

Have you been in a funk lately? Being in a funk for me means that my motivation is in low gear. So if I feel like eating a whole bag of chips or watch mindless TV, I do. But I don’t beat myself up over it.

My funk began when I got laid-off from work after 13 years. Perhaps you’re feeling down from a lay off yourself, maybe you’re dealing with an issue with one of your kids or it may simply be a sign you’re moving too fast and need to pause. It’s normal to be in a funk if any of the above is of challenge to you.

To get myself out of the funk, I do the following; perhaps it will help you out as well.

-Go for a walk
You’ll hear me say this a lot only because it’s important: go outdoors. Get some sun. In fact, if there’s one activity I think everyone should take upon is to walk more. It does the mind and body good.

walking couple

-Listen to Music:
Listening to your favorite songs can almost instantly put you in a good mood, and the positive effects can last long after the music is over.

listen to music
singing a cappella

I’m referring to that deep belly laugh when you’re watching a funny movie or when you thought you looked pretty awesome, but were unwittingly dragging a train of toilet paper under your shoe.



-No junk food
Most junk foods are made up of sugary carbohydrates that give you a “sugar rush.” After the rush is over, and blood sugar levels drop, you are likely to feel tired, irritable and in a bad mood. I don’t want to feel that way – do you?


-Pamper yourself
Pampering yourself with a little spa treatment (messages, facials, etc.) will reduce stress hormones and blood pressure. You’ll leave the spa feeling relaxed and refreshed.




30 thoughts on “Get That Funk Outta Here

  1. Hi! Thanks for participating in my meet and greet last week. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award as a thank you for your participation. I hope this is one of many for your blog. Check out the details in the link below, you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, no pressure. I love this post and look forward to exploring more of your blog.

  2. Good advice! I find reading uplifting books can help too. I’m very sorry to hear about your layoff and hope that you are able to find work again very soon!

  3. I have been lately. Everything you have here is perfect, except the junk food. 🙂 I don’t eat that, but I get the point. I am trying really hard to get out of it, and feel I am almost there. Thanks for a great post hun!

  4. Think it’s great to funk, why not, if that is what makes you happy at that moment, the walk is great, the music, the spa nothing like it to get the spirits up the motivation going and geting back in the flow, enjoy !

  5. I run…always works wonders for me. Other times I just settle down with some popcorn and The Big Bang Theory. Great post.

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