Mother Earth is Ascending


In the last two years, change has been forced on us and everything we know turned upside down. September is a pivotal month supplying our bodies with high and intense energies and will continue into 2017. The ascension process is happening even faster than planned. This is no cause for alarm. This is actually an exciting time in our lives. We have exceeded any previous projections of what we can handle and are well capable of carrying on.

We have been living under restricted conditions (if you believe this or not), imprisoned and controlled by the “dark ones” in our financial system, the media, the military and politics worldwide. However, they’ve been losing their control over us as the light has reached the required level for mother earth to ascend.

Earth is now removing all negativity and is letting what is in the light to shine through. It is time to clear out the old so the new can emerge. It is a time to let go of the past and move on. It is a time for information and the truth to be revealed for the higher good. Look at Snowden and “whistleblowers” revealing what the “dark ones” doesn’t want you to know. All will come out in time…little by little.

If your foundation within is not strong, it will begin to crumble. People are changing jobs, geographical locations, and personal relationships…and all in alignment with the new grid. The decision on whether you want to remain as is…is yours. You may also see your plans suddenly happen much sooner or not at all. Just go with the flow!

These powerful times are calling you to participate, choose and create your truth.

We are all here to experience Mother Earth’s shift. You will have to accept the fact that many souls will be leaving. This is always in line with their soul choice. They may not be able to handle the intense light codes in their dense body, loaded with fear frequencies and/or planned to leave before they incarnated. Many of these souls will make the transition to the other side prior to the shift.

Many people would rather see the world remain as is and not change. Therefore, these people will continue to see the chaos and “false flags” and go into fear. I ask you to hold compassion for them. Some people “awaken” quickly, others need a “wake-up call”. At some point all will awaken to the truth, just not in this lifetime.

All across the world, people in increasing numbers, are engaging in group prayer and meditation sessions for world peace. We are always heard.

A time of evolution in a new and higher vibrating world with love at its core is what we’re striving for.



19 thoughts on “Mother Earth is Ascending

  1. Fascinating and illuminating post. I’m Roman Catholic and so maybe ‘a few light hours’ separates us in beliefs. But there’s more than one pathway
    I’m with you on looking forward to changes.
    Keep on putting out hopeful messages
    Best wishes

    1. I was raised a catholic…I remember my father bringing us to church every Sunday…and the majority of my family remains a catholic with a few Christians sprinkled around. I resonate with the spiritual side of it a bit more. Thanks for your well wishes.

      1. Yes, It great when you feel something and you arent sure what it is. Your posts always help explain and out things in a perspective that makes sense.

  2. We have been working towards this for so long. It is good to see the negativity emerging for transmutation. I know not many do not believe it is a good thing as all they see is the chaos and fear.
    You’re right, it IS an exciting, albeit intense, time.

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