Michel Camilo at the Blue Note Jazz Club


A girlfriend of mine invited me to see pianist extraordinaire, Michel Camilo Saturday evening at the Blue Note.

Michel Camilo, Grammy® winning Dominican Jazz, Latin & Classical pianist and composer, premiered his new band Three + Three featuring Dafnis Prieto on the drums and Ricky Rodriguez on bass.

camiloIf you want to experience world-class musicians and singers up close and personal, the Blue Note Jazz Club, located in Greenwich Village, NY is the place to be.jazz 2All three took the stage at 8:00pm to extremely enthusiastic cheers and applause. Michel Camilo made everyone tremble and scream after his virtuoso passes on the piano. They were magical together. Everyone was either tapping their feet, swaying their bodies or clapping to the beat. The energy was electric. We had a great time!

For all you jazz fans, Iona at musicteacherlifestyle is hosting the Int’l Jazz Day blogging event this Saturday, April 30. This is a great day to connect with other music lovers. Save the date!

Check out the video below and see/hear him in action.

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14 thoughts on “Michel Camilo at the Blue Note Jazz Club

  1. Way cool. Thanks for putting this musical jam directly on your blog for your site visitors to enjoy! I love this type music, especially with the piano included. I felt my shoulders grooving right away.

          1. I will certainly give you a shout out of I need help. However, like you, I am an avid researcher.

            If you can’t find an answer on the internet, it’s because you don’t have internet access!

            Besides, I am a problem-solving super hero. My motto: It’s not a problem if there’s no solution!

  2. Reblogged this on Music Teacher Lifestyle and commented:
    So this is awesome! 😀
    My friend from Spiritual Journey 17 just got to see Michel Camilo, jazz legend, live in New York last weekend…I’m missing so much stuck in Bucharest…FOR NOW! 😉 Check out her story, this is what I’m talking about, this is the Jazz celebration I was hoping for! <3

    Let's get in the groove people! 😀

  3. Love, Love, Love! First: Thank you so much for sharing about my event starting Saturday! <3 And second: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CAN JUST GO TO A CLUB AND LISTEN TO MICHEL CAMILO!!! 😀 This is so awesome! He is so awesome! I gotta move to New York… I'm gonna go ahead and reblog this if you don't mind…WOW!

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