Letting Go

Letting go of old wounds is not easy. Especially if you’re still holding on to the hurt and anguish. These feelings you’re experiencing aren’t holding you; YOU are holding on to these unresolved energies.

If any part of your consciousness is holding resistance, negativity,  or unresolved karma, then it needs your embrace; it needs to be loved by you unconditionally so that it may step in trust and faith back into the light from where it originated.

letting go

When you practice forgiveness and acceptance, you release the hold, and let go of the hurt. Surrender it to God and forgive all that occurred to create this energy.

You’ll begin to experience peace inside and a new found freedom.

38 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I agree its so hard to let go but ive learned . In order to move on and to have peace within yourself letting it go is a Must .It hurts even more when you just hold on but over time it will happen.

  2. This was a really short, but excellent post! As you so aptly pointed out, sometimes there is a process we go through to get past the hard things in life, however we are not free until we can authentically let these go. I keep getting reminded of this in different ways lately. There must be a conscious breakthrough headed this way.

  3. I love this thank you!! How funny that we both did a blog on Letting Go and forgiveness. 🙂 Love your mention of acceptance — that’s a solid foundation for me, and I think I needed the reminder today. Blessings.

  4. I agree. Forgiveness does not mean that it was ok for the other person to hurt you. It means that you will no longer live in the past..

    I look forward to more of your posts. Following you now 😉

  5. Sometimes letting go for some is liken to letting go of familiarity. Some have held on to these feelings so long these feelings have become a part of what is familiar. In other words, bondage has become a security blanket. For this reason, It takes shedding light on the truth for others to feel secure to release and come out of their dark places. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Forgiveness is such a hard topic for me. I think a lot, so I judge a lot. People’s mistakes are somewhat easier to forgive, especially if they express remorse, but when people hurt you on purpose…just because you were on their way…it comes harder to forgive. And even if I say I’m ready to let it go…in the back of my mind I enthusiastically hope God will avenge me.

  7. Very true! Acceptance is the key to one’s life. And most of us fail here. We often whine when tough things happen to us.. we keep questioning why me..n acceptance here plays a very imp role. One must accept the difficulties and focus on how to overcome them rather than cribbing.

  8. There is a lot to be gained by letting go. This may seem completely un related but I was stressing about some weight I had gained. I fussed and fussed about. Weighing myself compulsively. A week ago I decided I am not going to weigh myself for a few days. I am going to take a day off from working out and I am going to have a few sweets. I’ve lost that weight that was causing me stress. Let go and you will not lose control. 🙂 xx

  9. So true, and sometimes so hard to do. But, it is well worth it. It’s freeing. Inspiring post.

    1. When it conjures feelings of pain that’s when we have to dig deeper and forgive…I know it’s not easy but I’d rather be free than feeling emotionally in bondage. Thanks for commenting!! 🙂

  10. Forgiveness is so important for every individual. You are so correct in that holding on to the hurt and anguish keeps you in bondage! Release yourself. Enjoyed this post.

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