Ready to Unplug?

I rarely watch TV, especially mainstream news.

There’s a sweep of people who are unplugging; who’ve decided to stop watching TV/news due to the significant portion of violent events they hear/see. The content of the stories presented and the way that we react to them create a cycle of lower vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions. It creates fear. If you’re trying to raise your vibration, watching the news isn’t going to help.


According to Andrea Schulman, there used to be 88 media companies, but we only have six today. All six get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press (AP). So, whoever owns Reuters and AP, controls all of the world’s “news”. The wealthiest and dangerous Illuminati family on Earth, the Rothschild’s, estimated to be worth over $500 trillion (more than half of the world’s wealth), control all the information being fed to the entire world as “news.” If you haven’t heard of the Illuminati’s/Rothschild’s (Khazaraian Mafia) look them up.

Instead of publishing the truth, the controlled media publishes lies, false-narrative and propaganda, and by doing so has created a false social reality which makes the truth implausible to most. This false reality has traditionally caused most Americans to view truth nuggets dispensed by the Internet’s Alternative Media as mere “conspiracy theory” by wacky “conspiracy theorists” ~ Preston James


Unplug yourself from the negativity. Spend each evening doing something you enjoy doing. Perhaps you can have dinner as a family, read, listen to music or go out for a walk.

Instead of ending your day worrying about all of the things that have gone wrong in the world, wouldn’t you rather go to bed on a high note?

Have you taken a few days off from the TV/news? Tell us about it.

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  1. Illuminati, who are they? This question can be answered on the inside. I have some questions to for you to consider, based on what I’ve learned in inner discover. Are you sure they are human? If not, are they ETs? What other type of being is possible? Are there other dimensions to reality that we normally don’t see? Dream on.

    I spend most of my day in the natural quiet or noise of my immediate environment, do not augment it with media much, except to create media myself, creative works for the most part, but I’ve started a podcast, or my dream group/sadhana circle has anyway. I just focus on the reality in front of my face, and I’m a homemaker, and so my family gets my attention. I learn of what’s going on in the world from both the inside and outside, and getting information from the latter is quite tricky, as you point out. “Take back our lives from the news media now,” a line of poetry from I poem I wrote years back. It’s so incredible few realize how much power they have. It’s not a good power they wield, but things are so backward even most reporters and news casters think they are a social good. You can’t, though, blame it all on a single group. The world is bigger than any of us realize, so many groups in it, so many systems, and there are no human groups with near enough power to control it all. Have you ever considered they are levels of world control? At the top part you’d find the divine.

    I do, however, feel it powerfully important to stay connected to the larger world, the one the news media talks about. I use a more than one news source, go all over the place when I use a source to go deeper into the story to try and get a picture of the truth of the matter. But there’s one outlet I use all the time, and I won’t name it because it’s one of the worst in terms of trying to manipulate and engineer society, but it has the largest network, and by its very biases I get some idea of things. I seldom spend more than a half hour at it a day, and I don’t do it everyday.

    Some years back I made a video out of the worst footage Islamic State was making, this at the height of their power. My inner insisted I put in the gore, not so people could gawk at it but so people could feel the suffering of the people being tortured and executed. Time is a funny thing, and it just might be possible to give help back in the recent past, help in the form of love, the kind of love that can face hell and not run away from the suffering there. There’s always a place on Earth hell has opened to, seems to be swallowing, and it’s part of our journey towards unity and oneness to feel that, those people, their lives, their suffering. We are protected from too quick an awakening to world pain, and it’ll knock you down even when you are ready to feel it.

    You get what I’m saying?

    1. Hey Donny, thank you for your response. I understand what you’re saying. I watch the news programming once in a while for a few minutes just to see what’s going on but then again we have to have discernment. it’s all programming. 🙂 I have to share that I agree with you that not all of them are human. They are star beings and/or ET.s however you want to describe them and are not benevolent. Thanks for taking time out and continue to enjoy your time in the natural quietness of it all.

  2. Yes! Don’t believe the lies.

    The TV is literally a brainwash box to rot your brain. I hardly watch TV anymore unless it’s on demand- I get sick of commercials 😖

  3. Thank you for this post. Just today I decided to step away from the negative political news and just do something. Last week I spent 5 days addicted to the US election (through the internet not TV) and I got more and more anxious and angry. And I did not blog for those 5 days. Enough is enough. I am taking a break, getting connected with my WP friends again and today I am going to learn how to register voters. Maybe I won’t feel so helpless then. I might not go cold turkey but I can limit reading online news to say 30 minutes in the afternoon (I’ll have set a timer!) after I have finished my writing, and meditating, and reading nourishing articles and posts. This is a very timely posting. Thank you.

  4. I do believe that the audio and visual signals reaching us through television, do affect our minds and body and sculpt our beings.

  5. It’s been a while that I haven’t visited your blog as my work is keeping me busy. So I’m taking this time to read those you’ve written which I hadn’t read yet.  Your blog about taking a break in writing and then coming back recently has awakened the fire within me. haha! I guess I really missed writing! I should start finding time in writing again. I mean, really find time to write. Although, I started writing bit and pieces in my other blog, I haven’t started writing in my first blog as it entails some reading and a little research.  Thank you for the inspiration. 

  6. Wisely said.
    We’ve given up on watching the news because our UK’s most august BBC has taken to dumbing down its TV new channel. We pick up our news from the BBCi internet channel, where it is the written word and open to more sober absorbing.
    Though truth be known we are giving over more of our time to writing (my wife Poetry), myself (all sorts of stuff). Seems much more constructive.

  7. I stopped watching the news after the first Paris attacks. I found it difficult to step back from all the troubles in the world. I feel much better for it. I do enjoy a good movie or makeover show though!

  8. Oh yes, I gave up watching the news a long time ago. I’m very selective with what I watch on television this days, usually I choose a feel good movie or an uplifting and positive documentary. That’s more than enough for me. Great post.

    1. Thanks Miriam for sharing. I tend to do the same.
      Isn’t it interesting to know that I’m ready to go to bed and you’re ready to enjoy your day. (Side comment. Haha).

  9. Music to my ears! I rarely watch TV. I am not missing anything! Happily both of my kids are pretty much TV free too. The ad by the forest council is great. Thank for a good post!

  10. This was a welcome post to me 🙂 I don’t remember when I last watched the news …years ago! And I think I am not sure how to turn my TV on to get to any particular channel …there are too many buttons on that remote …LOL! Thank you for your post.

  11. I can definitely relate. Your reasons coincides with mine. Substantial information about people’s well being and welfare is rarely tackled in TV nowadays, harsh reality indeed.

  12. I’m very much on the same page these days.. I got hooked too much with news in past months, but soon realized how exhausted my thoughts had become..

  13. Love your article. I don’t recall the last time I watched TV. I am happy and content without a TV. Now a days the new technology they have the video camera that is always on. Anyhow…I rather be in nature it feeds the soul of positive energy. Blessings!

      1. Yeh! Reality kicks in and I am back at my desk for the day job and rather be somewhere else. I am visualizing Best Selling Author children book Aimee and Divine Inspiration On a Journey by Diane Bourgeois. My new life style gives me the time and play to be in nature more often. Cheers!

  14. I haven’t owned a television set in about two years and in all that time, I have missed nothing. love your article

  15. I stopped watching the news too because it seemed the more I watched, the more it seemed like the world is falling apart.

    1. There are so many positive things happening in the world that the media does not cover. The news could influence developments more positive if they had the chance.

  16. There isn’t anything on tv worth watching. Most corporations are about that money. They don’t care how our spirit is being feed.
    They lie and put a spin on the truth or leave it out.
    We wouldn’t let people come into our home and talk crazy to our family but that’s what we are doing when we turn on the television.

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