Kick Your Life into Gear

Kick Your Life Into Gear With a New Hobby

Stress. It’s the bane of the modern world, lurking at work, at home, and in traffic. It can make your day miserable and keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, so you don’t wake up the next morning refreshed and ready for action. While there are numerous ways to deal with stress, there’s one option that also builds your self-confidence, improves your social life, and is just plain old fun. That’s taking up a hobby, which you can do together with your friends or even at home online. Here are a few hobbies you may not have considered.


While many people watch sports on TV, there are far fewer who play them, and that’s a shame because physical activity burns calories while providing a much-needed endorphin rush. You get that from a high-impact sport like basketball as well as golf, tennis, and swimming, including Martial Arts. According to the travel experts at, you’ll improve your strength, balance and coordination while lowering your blood pressure and gaining mental focus.


By learning carpentry, you may be able to decorate your living room with cabinets, tables, and chairs that you built yourself and and even give out handmade toys as gifts when birthdays come around. That’s not to ignore the other positives like the pure satisfaction of finishing a project on your own and the discipline you gain from carrying it out, start to finish. If you don’t have a room in your house for this hobby, consider erecting a building on your property to use as a workshop.


Cooking your own meals is a must if you want to live healthier, shed a few pounds, and tighten up those abs because it’s difficult to consume a well-balanced diet when you’re eating out all the time. Though you may feel out of your element at first, the kitchen will soon become your favorite room of the house as you gain skills and experience thanks to classes you can take in person or online that’ll teach you how to slice and dice like the pros.

Bird Watching

Birds are everywhere you go, and seeking them out will bring you closer to nature. That’s why you should take up bird watching, says the editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest, who adds making friends and taking part in crucial conservation efforts as other reasons to get involved. Moreover, it’s not expensive because all you really need is a pair of binoculars and a decent field guide to spot the most beautiful birds.


It’s never been easier to learn an instrument as there are so many teachers available, and many of them are ready to walk you through your lessons step-by-step in person or by video feed. Take advantage of this opportunity, and you’ll find yourself jamming your worries away as music can sharpen your thinking and improve your memory while building confidence as your skills grow.


“Learning to draw forces you to face your fears head on and takes you out of your comfort zone,” says award-winning poet and creative coach Mark McGuinness. And that pays off in many areas of your life as you overcome obstacles through creative thinking. You may even discover potential you never knew you had by tapping into the right side of your brain and “discovering a new visual language.”

Use your spare time to take on a new hobby today. Hobbies can reduce stress, improve your social life, and keep your mind sharp. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you may be able to transform your hobby into a successful business (just remember that you’ll need to research regulations in New York beforehand). Whatever you decide to do, set aside some time during your day to pursue your hobby. You’ll be surprised by what a difference it can make!

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13 thoughts on “Kick Your Life into Gear

  1. Love the title and photo.

    I enjoy cooking I find it creative, enjoyable and rewarding. To make a tasty meal for all. I even like cleaning ( sad I know). But I definitely need to move my body more.

  2. Very well said, anything that we can choose to focus our attention and bring joy is so very good for our well being and to be able to stay stress free. I have started noticing birds more than ever, wanting to know more about them – gives me so much satisfaction.

  3. Ah this came at the perfect time! My oracle card reading today guided me to focus on JOY this month and ‘play time’ and I’ve just been thinking what can I do to ‘play’ more especially with my country still being in a lockdown!! But cooking is the perfect inspiration, I baked for the first time in however long last week soo this is something I really want to do more of, it’s such fun! Thanks lovely ❤️

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