Karma is a Bitch

I often hear the saying “Karma is a bitch”. People who don’t understand the true meaning of Karma and throw around the word as a negative term.

Have you ever thought about Karma’s true nature?

Karma is energy WE create. It can be an energy filled with pure light and love, or it can be energy that has been distorted by our own belief system, actions, thoughts or emotions.

It denotes the cycle of cause and effect; meaning each action, thought and/or words you say/do will affect you at some point in the future.  Karma is simply our learning from all our incarnations.

karmaLet’s say, in a past life, you were in a relationship, and before you passed away, some beliefs/actions were left unsettled. Before you incarnated, you both agreed to come back again to balance or heal the karma you created with that person.

If something is not flowing in an area in your life, it is held in karma.

Sometimes, light-workers enter a particular family or become a part of a family through adoption or marriage so that they can remove the karma from their genetic lines.

The goal is to balance whatever happened in the past, and the ultimate goal is to exhaust all of it. If not it may require you to keep coming back repeatedly if you so choose.


If you lived in your highest spiritual path, and in your highest vibration, Karma will act as a learning tool that helps you grow, evolve, and ultimately, the energy will dissipate.

How do you resolve unresolved karma?

1. Surrendering. Letting go of any desire or need to have power over another and to control their choices.
2. Unconditional Love: Check your motives and make sure they come from a place of love for self and others. Release all judgement.
3. Watch your attitude because negative thoughts create angry energy directed at you.
4. Forgive yourself and those you blame. It can be the hardest thing to do, but the most important one in creating great karma.


50 thoughts on “Karma is a Bitch

  1. I think karma is a useful concept to create a system of universal justice. If we suffer badly in this life as millions do we can say don’t worry better things are on there way even if we have to wait beyond the grave. It is very much like the Christian idea of heaven where we will get justice because we have suffered in this life. ‘ lay yourselves up treasure in heaven ‘ .

  2. I really loved your post!
    I have a question. Actually I asked this to many but didn’t get any satisfying answer.
    If a person is suffering in this birth because of his bad karma in previous birth atleast he should know or realize why he’s suffering right ? Because he will simply blame the Almighty for his own deeds which he is unaware of.

    1. Great question. While you may judge karma as good or bad, it is neither. It simply is our learning. Many times a dilemma that appears in your life today is actually grounded or had its inception in a “past” lifetime. Unfortunately, many people are not “awakened” to this fact and blame everyone around them even our Almighty and this creates an illusion of separateness.
      We’re given an opportunity to open our hearts to love, gratitude, etc and it is our souls’ intention to resolve/transmute karma for our soul. Yet, most people again fall prey to ego, lust, pride.
      Karma teaches us to take different actions for different results. If you’re attracting the same type of partners into your life over and over again, it’s time to stop and inspect your choices: Why do similar people keep coming in? What should you be doing differently?
      To resolve issues, go within; inner child work; past life regression therapy; breaking agreements made in the past; are a few of the ways. As well as the four I mentioned in the post.
      As you grow and evolve spiritually, you can break out of those cycles and consciously choose the life you want to lead filled with wisdom, love and the light we hold within.

  3. Nice post. It is true that most of people use it commonly in a very rough way. It is not that one that is always right and karma is not a revenge, not at all. Doing and thinking good we all progress. Bad things should be kept behind.

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.Its so inspiring and I liked the last four points to believe in Karma and his philosophy😆

  5. I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award! I understand that not everyone chooses to be a part of the award nomination process. If you choose to take part, that is fantastic! If not, no worries! Just keep writing…♥

  6. Karma is like a boomerang and rubberband – What goes around comes back around. If somebody hurts us, the best revenge is to move on and let Karma do the rest.
    Well written post !

  7. In the past when I meditated on karma the message I received was to aim to be as innocent as a child 🙂

      1. Its alright my dear, i was just asking if its possible to send a private message on here but i dont think you can on wordpress :/

  8. Understanding karmic philosophy has helped me to live my life with so much of peace and happiness. I don’t fall in the trap of blame games or seek revenge. Now I know, I am responsible for everything that happens in my life and so no one to blame.

  9. I couldn’t agree more. People use the term so loosely without ever understanding that the very attitude and behavior they present to the universe has everything to do with it. It’s usually used to point out the flaws of others instead of looking at their own actions first.
    It would be interesting to turn this around and question someone sometime. I’m not sure if it would be successful though and to understand the true meaning takes maturity and having arrived at a point of your life you are able to realize the greater sense of life.
    Beautifully told, thank you.

    1. People are often careless about their thoughts, yet, it’s not an easy thing to keep it together. I know. Ha. Cuz although we may assume a thought is finished…it keeps functioning, and eventually its consequences return to you. It’s all energy. 🙂

  10. I know someone who uses the idea of karma as a mental weapon against others. She says “I can’t wait until their karma gets them.” I wrote a poem about her and put it this way: “she’s got karma on call like a hitman to hurt everyone she wrongs”. Her gross misunderstanding of karma troubles me, and I feel like she cannot be the only one who is doing this. Not only is it not something you can wish on someone or use as a weapon, it is supposed to be something we learn from and I think in making it negatively focused they think of themselves as victims of cause and effect. Like with anything these spiritual concepts can be very damaging in the wrong hands. Thank you for this post!

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