Freedom from Fear – Conclusion

Every choice you make in fear calls for more fear. Control is born out of fear. Freedom is freedom from fear.

If your belief is that you’ll be rejected by your family if they know that you love someone of the same gender, you will create that experience. If you know that you will be fired from your job if you speak your mind, you’re sure to get it.

The fear of being trusted by others is a direct reflection of your fear of trusting yourself, and your fear of trusting your Creator is another way that you out-picture this. How can you trust God when you do not trust the self that is in relationship to God? Align to the possibility, that the God that you know has more power than you do to teach you what you need to learn.

If you can understand that you had a country that was paralyzed in fear by alerts of perceived danger for several years until people began to ignore the alerts, you can see what happens when people change consciousness. If you agree to go into fear, it will lower your frequency and allow yourself to become invested in the matrix of fear.

Face your fears and have the strength to do what frightens you. Not easy to do and it’s a scary thought…isn’t it?

When you withdraw your attention from fear, what in fact you do is stop feeding it. And of course, when something is not fed, it withers away. It cannot sustain itself in your energy field and it will dismantle.

As you travel down your own path to happiness, success and wealth, there will be plenty of distractions. There will be plenty of real threats. Some will be dangerous, while others will be a product of your fearful thoughts. What you must focus on in these situations is the strength you have to use your courage to do what frightens you.

Here’s the good news:
Since I can at least intellectually recognize that the source of all fear is thought, I don’t have to make a big deal out of being afraid. I neither need to hide from seemingly scary things nor “feel the fear and do it anyways”.

I can simply move forward in the face of all my ever changing thoughts, including the scary ones. And because I’m not scared of fear, I am left with something even more powerful than choice – true and absolute freedom.  Isn’t that what we all want?



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Michael McNeill –

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