Is Fear Real? – Part I

fear is not real
Quote from Will Smith in “After Earth”

What is fear, really?

According to, fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Ladies, if you’re walking home alone at night and you see a gang of thugs walking on the same side, perhaps you would want to cross the street. Car is coming down the road fast you wait until it passes for you to continue your path.  It’s common sense.

One of the most interesting things about fear is that it always seems to either come from something outside of us (an environmental stimulus) or from something inside our heads but separate from us – such as the “bogeymen”.

There will be plenty of real threats. Some will be dangerous, while others will be a product of your fearful thoughts.

Imagine waking up from a nightmare. One moment you’re totally engrossed in fighting off vampire zombies and the next your eyes are open and the vampire zombies are gone. You may still have a little bit of adrenaline coursing through your veins, but there are no lasting after-effects. No healing is necessary. You just get up and get on with your day.

The moment we see that our own deepest, darkest fears are 100% made of thought, we open up the space in our minds for our innate health, wisdom, and well-being to come through.

In the very moment we recognize that thought is the only creator of our experience, the same world that once seemed so frightening becomes an endlessly, wonderfully fascinating place to be.  Freedom exists at the heart of all fear.

I’ll see you back on Thursday for the conclusion.

11 thoughts on “Is Fear Real? – Part I

  1. This is such an interesting thought :p Never considered fear that way. I’ve always felt that fear, while irrational, is based on rational fears. Such as primarily our fear of dying, or pain, which as a result make us afraid of being attacked etc. But to be able to remove fear is something I never thought of :p

  2. I do agree that fear is an emotion came either from an external source or within our own thoughts but in my own experience, it is not a choice. It is human nature or a natural reaction to something bad or negative. Great post!

  3. So very true! Fear only pulls one away from everything we fear of, lowering one’s confidence. Fear replaced with awareness on the other hand can give one a better perspective to deal with the situation! Thanks for the post. It was a very good read indeed!

  4. Aside from the cognition of the mind, there is no fear. From the Higher Self, the Spirit, one can actually observe the thoughts of the mind and why they are there. From this perspective we get the why and the what to do about it. Best of all, we get the understanding that all things work together for our betterment and enlightenment.

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