Intimacy in Someone Else’s Energy

Intimacy can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s an act of physical closeness and connection; for others, it’s more mental and emotional than physical. Intimate connections between two individuals can be so fulfilling and powerful that they transcend all other relationships we create. 

Feeling safe in someone else’s energy is a deep type of intimacy – one that often gets overlooked or taken for granted but shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s a feeling of peace, protection, security, and trust you experience when your energies bond with another person. Not only does it provide comfort, but it also creates feelings of warmth and belonging. 

Have you ever just had that feeling of safety and comfort when you’re around someone? 

It’s like you’re wrapped up in a warm blanket that puts all your worries and anxieties to rest. That’s what it feels like to be safe in someone else’s energy. It’s like you’re in a protective bubble of trust that reinforces that everything will be okay.

5 thoughts on “Intimacy in Someone Else’s Energy

  1. True, and that building of that trust and love is indeed a very powerful blanket for that safety. And when we do our own…then it is complete. Great post Bernice, may it build that beauty within us all 😀❤️🙏

      1. Our own intimacy, that ability to love ourselves, be truly in our hearts…minus the fears. The fears will ‘ever’ hold our walls up, keep our doubts and negativities of ourselves so that we cannot achieve that closeness. When I finally saw what my fears were, and more importantly understood them…the ‘let go’ was incredible. And in that final place where we no longer hold ‘anything’ against ourselves…then can we truly love us…,and achieve that self intimacy with a heart that is finally open. We only ever give of what we are. If we have a fearful heart, that is what we give out. And most of our lives that is what we do…but on that day I saw what I was truly doing, and let that wall of fear go…I was so stunned by what was there waiting for me to see and understand. The glow inside me was a smile, and not just any smile but one that could see that I had just understood the meaning of life. Everything all leads to this one place, every emotion, all our actions led by them, all ask us to step past those fears and see the beauty that is waiting. We can convince ourselves that we are ok, and give from that place…but never seeming to be satisfied…and…the closest we will ever come to it is…your post. That intimacy with another, that beauty and safety that a love with another can and does create…but so trashes us when, and we all do it, our fears surface. They may only have a bad habit of picking their nose…but it still ‘niggles’ us because ‘we’ have expectations. But, on the day we finally see and understand our own fears, and let them go…there is in that understanding a realization that those very fears would not allow us to love ourselves. Those doubts and fears block us. And there is one very easy way to see if you have a fear. Do you get upset or angry at anything? Then your fear is alive and well. On the day I understood, there is no more anger with anyone…not a murderer, not Hamas, not Israel, not even those mass murders that are currently happening in Africa. Not even those narcissistic egotistical ones they call politicians that cause all of this. Because I can now see what I was…in them. I can ‘feel’ my journey, in them. We all struggle mightily in this journey…but what are the events that teach us our greatest understanding…is when we dare to have the courage and go beyond what we are, to what we want to be, beyond those fears. And in that is that love and happiness we have ever looked for. It is only when we can finally love ourselves that we step into that unconditional love. The other love, the other intimacy, is conditional of what we hold within us. Let go in that understanding and there isn’t anything there…but your love 😀❤️🙏
        P.S. When we ‘understand’ anything in this world, we let it go. ie. if you are starting a new job or learning to drive a car…you are nervous, unsure of yourself, worrying if you are doing it right. But if I come back in 6 or 12 months, you are becoming very confident, thinking about it less and less. Until it becomes second nature. You understand it, and let it go. You do not know how to love yourself, simply because as a child, and life, has taught you those very fears. It isn’t until you release this world and its constant hammering at your heart that you will dare to go into that scary, nervous, untouched place inside you…and finally understand that fear, to let a lifetime go in that understanding and see for the very first time…you are lovable, acceptable, beautiful underneath all that…and always have been 😀❤️🙏

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