I am Grateful for…

Being grateful is a quality that resides within each of us. Unfortunately, there are times when we take for granted the good that is already present in our lives. Gratitude begins by looking within and appreciating the experiences we encounter every day.

Too often, we forget that life is not lived only in the ‘big events’, but also in the common ‘little’ ones.

For example, I attended an exhibition yesterday and noticed the beautiful display of art, sculptures and jewelry made by the exhibitors. The color of an individual painting took my breath away. I stopped to take a closer look and began to smile. Just noticing the rich colors and lifelike images, I felt gratefulness emerge internally.


There are many ways to cultivate a practice of gratitude. One approach is through mindfulness. With mindfulness, we see things as they are, rather than as they used to be or as we wish they could be.

Let’s give thanks, count our blessings, notice simple pleasures, and acknowledge everything that we receive.

I am grateful for this breath

I am grateful for this inhale

I am grateful for this exhale

I am grateful for this life.

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25 thoughts on “I am Grateful for…

  1. I love your posts because they are real parts of everyday life. As we age, gratitude becomes more important. For the life we’ve lived, the one we’re about to embark on & the beautiful people we’ve met along our journey. Being greatful for the tough times too because without them, we can’t build on patience and tolerance. Every morning I wake with gratitude that my breath is still there and my heart still beats.

  2. Beautiful post ☺ I keep a gratitude journal and even the smallest of things make huge difference… for instance, someone smiling at you.

  3. People tend to be ungrateful at times (I am speaking for myself, atleast) and this post is a reminder to be content and thankful

  4. “With mindfulness we see things as they are, rather than as they used to be or as we wish they could be” So very true, so important and yet we sometimes forget! Thank you for this post! I’m grateful to you for the much needed reminder 🙂

  5. Lovely post, Bernice. I’ve let my meditation practice slip recently. Going back to it today. So good to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

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