How to Prepare


What do you wish to learn, heal, release, draw in, feel more of? Take time to consider why you want to receive a hypnotherapy session at this time.

Voice your intention, sit with how it feels to have this intention, and nurture this intended outcome in your heart. Begin repeating the affirmation, “I have a clear and direct communication with my Higher Self, my own Inner Wisdom”


Take time out to develop a meditation practice, even if its 10 min a day. Learn how to quiet the mind and be still. Enjoying the moment is key to successful meditation.

Being outdoors in nature, yoga, being mindful, repeating a mantra, reading a poem and journaling are different forms of enjoying meditative moments.


Breathing consciously is a wonderful way to induce inner quietude, because a series of intentional deep inhalations with dispensing exhalations allows for the clearing and focusing of your mind. Practice conscious breath.


Be open to experience the unknown. When an expectation that is too specific, or uninformed, it can bring severe limits or even disappointments to a session.

Clients who have the best outcomes are open to just experiencing the consciousness exploration of a quantum healing session and realize that healing, shifts, and positive outcomes can come in an infinite number of ways!


Keeping your mind on your intention for the session, write your list of questions to your session.


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