How do you define Abundance?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word abundance? Money? Do you attach your self-worth to it?

In some cultures, we have come to associate the word “abundance” with the balance in our bank account, but that is only part of it. If you take a few moments to stop and look around you, you can’t help but see abundance everywhere. Even the fact that you are reading this means that you are abundantly blessed to have a computer, phone or a device with which to access this information.

If you feel a lack in your life or limited by your circumstances (financial or otherwise), tune in to your ability to TRUST your own self, BELIEVE in your own ideas and ALLOW the success to freely come your way.

There is absolutely NOTHING that is stopping you but YOUR OWN SELF. Whatever we concentrate on increases. Energy follows thought.

Let’s bless with love all that we have in our life now: water, light, telephone, furniture, plumbing, clothing, money we do have, friends, our ability to see, feel, taste and enjoy this wonderful planet.

If you get a gift, accept it graciously. If you can’t use the gift, say “Thank You” and pass it on to someone else. Keep the flow of things moving through you. 

The more you send the message to God/Spirit/Universe that you are willing to receive the support you need on every level it will flow freely.

Abundance is….

Abundance is love
Abundance is being in Gratitude
Abundance is being in your truth
Abundance is trusting the process (Faith)
Abundance is (feel free to leave a comment 📝 fill in the blank)

22 thoughts on “How do you define Abundance?

  1. Great post! I agree. Just the fact that we have the basic needs within reach is a reminder of how blessed we are. No need for more if what we have is more than enough. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’ve defined abundance so perfectly, what it is, and what do do with it. A very inspiring post.

    I found this thought especially helpful: “TRUST your own self, BELIEVE in your own ideas and ALLOW the success to freely come your way.”

    Thanks for sharing. Sending abundance your way.

      1. As long as one is still alive their spirit is available. When attempting to contact or actually contacting one through spirit, one would do well to have the gift of discernment of spirits. Amateurs, (not saying you’re one of them /just sayin) could be intercepted.

        The spirit world seems to operate somewhat independently of the physical world. I’m sure you notice this with your autism work.

        Crossing between the two has to be done in spirit. The spiritual world is not often broken into and when an amateur attempt is made, quite often spirits block the way to the real subject by mimicking their personage and taking one off in a different direction. Beware of darkness in this respect.

        It’s available, but if attempting, be either very confident of your gifting, or proceed with prayer and caution.

  3. Abundance is family,
    Abundance is friends,
    Abundance is learning,
    Abundance is connecting.
    Abundance is having the opportunity to read your excellent posts!

  4. Beautiful. Abundance is not money though it helps. Abundance is character.

    I like how you say only thing stopping us is us , so true.

    Money is important but there is more to life. Today i was listening to a class and an example was given, as a child we physically grow, the shoes or shirt no longer fit. But there comes a time when the shoe and shirt fit and we stop physically then …how do we grow ? For me character is everything, wisdom, self respect and from this one can be kind , generous and loving.

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