Hot Pink Bra

On my birthday a few weeks ago, I decided to pull out my Victoria’s Secret hot pink bra to give me that extra boost.

The best part of it, nobody needed to know. My bra strap didn’t have to accidentally on purpose show for someone to notice and be impressed or repulsed. Hey, even if it peeked out a bit, I would’ve loved to see the look on their face. Perhaps it’ll be better if they didn’t know. I was able to walk around with this secret. Sometimes I forget and then remember and smile because I knew there was a part of me that was feeling sexy. I may have had nothing exciting to contribute to the meeting, I may have eaten a boring salad for lunch but I had on a hot pink bra.

I loved that part of me that made a bold choice as if I got it all figured out. And when the 3pm slump came around, and felt as if I needed a nap, I remembered what I was wearing underneath, and suddenly my bracelets repelled bullets, and I was able to kick ass for another few hours.

And of course, it didn’t have to be a hot pink bra. It could’ve been outstanding boots, a good hair day, or I could’ve borrowed my niece’s tiara, whatever it took. Because sometimes the simple act of going through the day is the most courageous and daunting thing we do and wearing the hot pink bra made me feel like a Wonder Woman on my birthday.

In every day that dawns I am grateful. THANK YOU for your support and love through my journey. ~ Bernice

30 thoughts on “Hot Pink Bra

  1. Wishes galore on your Birthday!!
    Now that is my kind of celebration! πŸ™‚ I agree how often getting through the day is the most courageous and I would use anything to create the joy and energy in me. Your post really made me happy, reminding of simple ways of creating happiness.

  2. Sometimes, all it takes is something like a confidence-boosting hot pink bra to make you feel like a million bucks. Rock it, and remember how awesome you are! 😁

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