Honor Your Teachers

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself ~ Chinese Proverb

Teachers* come in many forms and not necessarily in a school setting.

Your best teachers and the ones that will offer you the most challenges will be those who are closest to you – your mother, your father, siblings, children, partners, and friends. Remember, it is through your greatest challenges that your heart opens the widest.

Your teachers may be with you for a long time because your soul has asked to learn this knowledge and wisdom at a deep level, or they may be in your life for a fleeting moment. Each one comes to give you a gift that your soul wants to experience.

Many of your best teachers come to reflect, like a mirror, what you hold deep inside yourself that may be limiting you or causing you pain.

If you’re ready to view your past with loving awareness, you can find guidance to create a life of love and happiness. You’ll recognize that there are many teachers who have been there for you. The learning is there each day if you become aware and are ready to welcome it.

*Teacher Appreciation Week is a week long celebration in the United States observed the first full week in May. Want to give a shout out to my sister Mel who’s a 5th grade teacher. She is a shining star to us all. 

19 thoughts on “Honor Your Teachers

  1. A fantastic post. We’re all teachers and students following our chosen paths, intersecting throughout the course of our journey to teach and learn from each other 💜

  2. Wow!

    This is a lovely post. You’re right there are teachers all around us we have to be open-minded to learn. When the student is ready the Teacher will appear.


    1. I completely agree. We just have to be open to what they are teaching us but to do that, you need to be a particular mind frame.

  3. wise words. We can learn something from every person – not only the bad but the good too. We must be willing and open to receive these messages and lessons 🙂 lovely post

  4. You were MY first teacher growing up (besides our mom). Thanks for the journey big sis! Love ya!!

  5. The Creator can use anything and anyone to teach us lessons we need to know, and to give us the practice to cement those lessons inside of our souls!

    Lessons will be customized to things we’re able to see and to understand, so a more open minded person will be able to see life lessons in things another person will only scratch their heads at!

    Opening one’s spirit to receiving lessons takes courage, because we must first overcome our fears that we’re giving permission for bad things to happen to us! Opening up requires TRUST!

    The Creator loves us and only wants the best for us, just like we only want the best for our kids… But like our kids, they must sometimes learn the hard way, for it’s those hard won lessons which we hold onto the most!

    Our difficulties aren’t there to grind us down or to punish us, but rather to help us develop the spiritual muscles we need, much like going to the gym. When we start a physical training program we start with light weights and short durations, gradually building up to more as we be more fit!

    So it is with spiritual lessons! As we are able to pull the lessons and put them into practice via opportunities we’re presented, our lessons become more challenging. Even when we have discovered WHAT the lesson is we’re given many experiences to put that knowledge into practice so it becomes part of the structure of our cells!

    Then, when we have learned, the Creator will bring us students who we must help light their pathways! People who need our guidance, support and encouragement!

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