Higher Energies / Ascension

Our bodies are receiving and absorbing high-frequency light. Our consciousness is moving from a 3D to 4D to a 5D reality. I like to describe it as we’re on the yellow brick road to meet with the wizard of Oz. Along the way, we’ve drifted to sleep among the field of poppies for so many lifetimes. Upon arriving at our destination to see what is behind the curtain, we realize it’s not all that we thought it was all along.

We’re awakening or have awakened to a higher state of consciousness. Our body is shifting, acclimating to a higher frequency, from a carbon based form to a more crystalline structure. Sounds sci-fi’ish right?

Please know, we are all on a different journey. What I may be experiencing may be unlike what you may be. There are also various physical sensations we each may be feeling as ringing in the ears, dehydration (I drink more water now than I have previously), exhaustion, my eyesight feels blurry at times (it could be my age…time for a check-up?!)

Many are wondering why humanity is receiving so many energy updates and energy pulses now.

Humanity is undertaking a giant leap in its ascension journey. The four lower-body systems (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) are changing profoundly.

For this to happen safely, your Higher Selves are in collaboration with the Higher Realms of Light to spread these energy upgrades out over time, primarily when you sleep.

During the integration time, your DNA, RNA, and atomic structure of your cells are transforming.

Leading up to the Grand Cosmic Event on December 21st, 2020, you will receive several energy upgrades and preparatory energy pulses. I encourage you to rest as much as you can, meditate/pray/ground, be outdoors absorbing the suns’ rays and drink plenty of water.

Fun times! What has been your experience so far?

12 thoughts on “Higher Energies / Ascension

  1. I certainly have felt the need for more fluids, taking it easy, staying in, and finding myself going through major shifts. Your post was very affirming and interesting to read.

  2. Mainly, I have felt exhausted and have had some dehydration with leg cramps, physically. Mentally, seems I’m going through an overhaul and feel very called, almost pushed, to do my spiritual mission. But the circumstances are not right since my spiritual missions are not making enough money to live on. It’s a bit confusing and frustrating to feel this push, want it very much, but not able to do it financially. Any thoughts on that with what’s happening with ascension?

    1. Hi there! I notice staying hydrated is common. Now is the time to look within – remain centered in your heart – Honestly, not ‘doing’ much but resting and having the intention to be open to receive these high frequencies. We’re all a bit shaky now. And that’s a nice way of putting it. ☺️Thanks for sharing!

      I began to channel weekly reports on what’s going on in my YouTube page. I’m starting out and moving out of my comfort zone. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Here’s the link to today’s update if interested. Stay well.


  3. Adore this!!! I have been experiencing ear pitches etc a lot recently!! I know it’s something magickal! I am excited to meditate more! I need to study about this December 21st portal! I know nothing so far …

    1. I’m not much into astrology but I should be. But my friends keep me updated. We’re in between a solar eclipse and the solstice on the 21st. The opening of this portal will allow streams of high frequency energies to reach the planet that allows “a new earth” to be birthed. You’re in the southern hemisphere so the weather is nice to be outdoors. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Bernice, yes I can relate to so much of this. The incessant ringing in the ears, drinking lots of water and, just recently, really blurry eyesight. I thought the last one was just my age and that I need to upgrade my reading glasses! But yes, I’ve been meditating every day and I’m recalling my dreams more. Everything to me, especially in nature, feels so heightened. Sending love. 🙏💙

    1. I know you enjoy being outdoors so you can feel the changes occurring within and without and you’re meditating every day…that’s awesome! Lots of love to you as well. xo

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