Hey Dad…


I look at one of the last picture I took of you before you passed away and smile.

I  wouldn’t think there would come a time we would meet this way.

You’re younger
You’re free of illness
With a sunnier disposition

You said you were going to watch over your family more now than you did in the physical plane. You say it’s important to forgive ourselves as it is to forgive others.

We  need to increase the love and gratitude we carry within.  Stop worrying about the small stuff.  Who cares what other people think.

We smile and hug.
You didn’t “die”, you just changed addresses.

“La vida es triste”.  


47 thoughts on “Hey Dad…

  1. You changed Address, this is lovely.
    I think you have read my post on my father “I know you are the Soul but…..” if not I recommend you to read.
    I understand the love for your Dad.

      1. I am away from my desk top right now I am texting from my smartphone. If you are on your PC please see it on my Poetry Menu. Tell me if you cannot I shall give it to you as soon as I go home in another 30 mins.
        If you can read it fully you will get to know of my family and how I was brought up in a joint family. Thanks
        By the way I do not know your name, could please tell me.

  2. I love that he didn’t ‘die, just changed addresses.’ Great homage! 💕

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