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Miss you all!!

I really need to stay on track with my blog. I’ve been busy staying in the moment by enjoying the last few weeks of the warm weather.

A week ago my grandfather of 91 years passed away. He was a simple, kind and gentle man. A ray of light to many.

My mother has been taking care of her parents for the last 10 years. I would hear her complaints from time to time. Can I blame her? Nah…it hasn’t been easy for her.

In the past few days, I found myself looking at my own mortality and curious about what it might look like to age gracefully. I realized that it was up to me whether I wanted to spend my time focusing on what would be and know that it will unfold perfectly.

I have a son. He may wheelchair me into an adult home while I’m screaming “wait…wait…not yet”. 😆

Leaving this realm is inevitable and resistance only creates suffering.

Have you ever thought about how would you like to be remembered? Please share.

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  1. Thats good information thanks. Often times we see soap operas or tv shows where people mourn the loss of a close person , they use this mourn tactic to generate views and for almost every show even after the person is gone for a year already they still talk about that person everyday . This is not mourning anymore that is being stuck in the past. After a good mourn put the bulk of it behind you and carry on with life and live in the present , the person that has passed on would not want your life to stop progressing because they have passed away , infact they would wish for you to be happy and have a prosperous life

  2. Ageing gracefully is also a recurring subject in my head. I think I would be pretty happy if I’m surrounded by some loved ones, a pile of books, and have relatively good health that would still allow me to explore the world a little. Am I expecting to much? I don’t know. I loved your sense of humour. Take care, Bernice 🌸

  3. Firstly Bernice, I’m sorry for the loss of your grandfather. Yes, I’ve often thought about what I’d leave behind. I’d like to think it’s my genuine love for those around me and the ability to live life to the full, to focus on the positives and beauty and making the most of every day. 🙏

  4. Hi. About five ago I started thinking about mortality pretty often. That’s because, seemingly from out of the blue, I’ve become old! Take care. Enjoy the weekend.

    Neil Scheinin

  5. I’ve read this at the right moment in my life. Yes, loss is something that can make us age disgracefully… Apologies about your grandfather. Thinking about an answer to your question… I want to be remembered for my integrity, someone who lived life & still have a sense of humour. I don’t want people to feel pain.

    1. I noticed that certain things or people come into your life when you need it. It still amazes me. As for your legacy people will always remember how you make them feel. Continue to be you! 💗

  6. Living Gracefully and ageing gracefully is as important.
    Let your grandpa rest in peace.
    You read my previous Post Once Upon a Time. You get answers too what you ask,I suppose.

  7. No, I released that ‘worry’ when I understood that this journey is giving me exactly what I need to find that inner love within me. And so that I will then give naturally that love to others.
    If they can see that I found what we are all always looking for…that love and happiness in our lives…then a greater service I cannot give, than be the outcome of that hope that is there for us all ❤️
    Much love and light for the loss of your grandfather, and I know he is in a very beautiful place, the outcome of this great journey ‘down here’. He too gave out the wonder that he became because of this journey…a wiser, more individual heart that loved himself and others simply by becoming that love that he had found and shared in so many ways ❤️
    Thank you for sharing, may your light ever light that path also ❤️

  8. Interesting thought. Deeply disturbing as well. I would like to be remembered perhaps, as someone who has made others happy. There is this idea of living each day as if it is your last day. That way you do good for others and watch your actions.

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