Guide my Way in Every Moment

Today, I wanted to continue staying in bed, snuggled under my warm bed covers. I heard the wind howl last night and I knew it was going to be a very cold day. Colder than usual.

My inner dialogue spoke a seductive language that enticed me to sleep for a few more minutes “You deserve to rest.” It nudged me more with “It’s way too early—the sun isn’t even out yet.”

I can choose to listen to that inner voice, or I can decide to get out of bed and start my day. In the wee hours of the day, my mind is quiet, and I feel a sense of peace and awareness. 

Today, I was guided to read this prayer and want to share with you:

Change me to let go easily and stop chasing outcomes. Let me offer all my needs to you, knowing you bring sacred solutions at the right time. May you guide my way in every moment, showing the perfect actions. Let me feel worthy to open and receive in every way. ~ Tosha Silver

33 thoughts on “Guide my Way in Every Moment

  1. I just read your beautiful post and I was smiling to myself for two reasons. The first, such a beautiful prayer but the second because it was just my intentions to do just that as I read your post. Instead I was guided to go back to bed snuggle up nice and warm, safe and secure to replenish my energy we all need that sometimes 🙏😍 Thank you for sharing, I love your posts. Julie

  2. Beautiful prayer. And I understand: on cold winter mornings, it just feels so good to stay warm under the covers…and then to make the choice to get up and start the day is a bit harder. Sending you hugs and wishes to be surrounded by warmth – both literally and figuratively. 🙂

  3. I had a restless night from the approaching storm and got up with the wee hours as it was still dark. I will still a nap today sometimes to be good to my body and myself.
    The prayer is beautiful and I will have to share it some time. So touching, thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes for 2019 my dear friend.

  4. Work out finished today along with shopping for a few groceries and some odd chores to finish. Sunday is a quiet day to get out from under the covers. It is Monday, if you are not retired and I am not which is hard.

  5. Exactly how I feel at present, opening myself up to all I know is possible. Beautiful share Bernice. Thank you for your e-mail. I hope you got my reply. Le grà, Marie Xx

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