Going to Nourish my soul

This year I decided that instead of going to an all-inclusive resort where I could bask in the sun and enjoy endless fruity cocktails, I wanted something more.

I want to explore new territories, learn something new about the country and culture and ditch the phone. Well not completely, since I will use it to take photos along the way.

I’m going to Peru. If you had the pleasure of visiting or have family there, let us know about it.

Going to nourish my soul. See ya in a few weeks.

Go out and play and have fun. Enjoy yourselves too!! 😊

35 thoughts on “Going to Nourish my soul

  1. Have a fabulous time, i am told that Perú is very beautiful , take care and can’t wait to hear all about it !! Very exciting , wonderful way to nourish your soul xx

      1. Usted es muy Bienvenido y estoy seguro de que será divertido. Coincidencia, sí la vida funciona de maneras extrañas.

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