Free Social Media Training Every Wednesday

I noticed I’ve been receiving lots of traction on an article I posted a few weeks ago about social media marketing. If you have an online business, this message is for you.

Every Wednesday at 8 pm EST; FREE online training on various social media topics.

Link: Topics Change Every Week

I’m not going to lie. Social media marketing can be challenging. It’s a lot of work to keep up with the latest trends and make sure your content is engaging.

This week is all about how to close a deal. I have to chuckle because I am not a fan of closing a deal. If you’re not interested in the services I offer, you’re not interested. Period.

I know I’ll learn a few tricks about closing a deal in this week’s webinar, so I’ll put on my game face. Wish me luck!

This Wednesday at 8 pm EST, you’ll learn 8 simple steps to overcome objections and transition to an offer. Interested? Check it out.

I have a few social media freebies here.

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