Energy Shift – Let it Flow

We are entering an intense transitional period whereas the last remainders of the old are beginning to disintegrate and the new is taking over. 

We’re asked to work hard on many levels to come into a place of expansion. As we move through this energy shift, there will be plenty of changes occurring for each one of us.

Humanity is getting a cosmic nudge to look at our unfinished business. It may be uncomfortable because it’s bringing up old emotional stuff. If it keeps coming up; its because it needs to be resolved and released. Go with it instead of against it. You might be surprised at what you discover.

The message is to let the feelings of pain, bitterness, resentment, and suffering flow. Honor, thank, forgive, and release them. Open your heart. Breathe it through.


We’re coming into a new consciousness within ourselves, and we’re being guided to let go of the old stories and baggage.

Resolve and heal whatever has been sitting there staring at you in the face. Bring the walls down. You must do the necessary clearing work to rise in frequency level. It can be challenging, and it may not be easy only because we may have to work on it on many layers. 

However, remember this, as you are releasing and letting go always hold that compassion for yourself and do so without any judgment.

I love you…love yourself too.

Bernice xo



43 thoughts on “Energy Shift – Let it Flow

      1. Yes but from who exactly? I spent most of my life in the new age only to find it all a sinister deception. Only God (via Jesus) assists us. Anything else is counterfeit. I encourage all to do their own research.

        1. The post is about letting go and forgiving yourself and others. In my opinion its healing to do so. What is it about the post that is troubling you? You can email me privately if you’d like.

  1. I love you too and thank you for the reminder. I will let love flow and express my deepest secret to help others on their own journey. God Bless! Diane xxxooo

  2. I love this! A new beginning is definitely coming, A shift to a higher level of consciousness.
    Exciting times ahead 🙂

      1. No I have recently upgraded the site and I have been having trouble connecting to Jetpack. It should be fixed now.
        Thanks for telling me 🙂

  3. Dead on! You could have only received this through inspiration. We are going through many conscious upgrades at the moment and they are requiring us to let go of all the things that previously hindered us. It’s a tough go at times, but worth it to press on and press through to the wonderful new world that is materializing before us.

      1. Well, I’m kind of here. I’m in the throes of setting up a new site, but running into snags. Such is life. The reader works, lol! It’s good to see you’re up on things. I always enjoy your spirit and insight.

  4. LET GO!!!! Thank you for this reminder! Was just pondering this last night. Thank you for the confirmation I needed this morning. LOVE 🙂

  5. I feel this so deeply at the moment. Some days it’s almost tangible, like energy reverberating through my feet (if that makes sense). Thanks for this Bernice. Very timely. Again. 💖

    1. It makes a lot of sense. Our bodies/DNA/soul is being infused with energy and it can be challenging for the body. Embrace it. Go out and soak up the sun in your bare feet. 😘

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