Energetic Hygiene

Energetic Hygiene is becoming aware of your energy field and developing a practice to tend to it. All living things have an energy field, and how we interact with this energy determines the quality of that vital life force that flows internally and externally.

So, let’s get to it!

1- SALT BATHS — It’s not a secret that salt absorbs dense energy, and from my personal experience — it helps! You can use Himalayan salt or non-iodized sea salt in your bathwater, combined with essential oils of choice. If you have a chance to swim in the ocean, that is even better!

2- CLEANSING SHOWER — Water is cleansing and a conduit to clear energy. You can imagine the water in a specific color of your choice washing away all unwanted energy.

3- SPEND TIME IN NATURE — Whenever you can, hug a tree, meditate in the park or simply have a walk to regenerate. The energy of trees brings forth peace and serenity. Gardening helps as well.

4- SMUDGING — For smudging, you can use palo santo, sage, or incense sticks like lavender, sandalwood, or any one of your choice. It is recommend to say an invocation or prayer.

5- SWEEPING — Imagine you had some dust on your coat and you wanted to sweep it off. This is precisely the same movement! Sweep off dense energy downwards towards the ground. Afterward, wash your hands with cold running water.

6- THOUGHTS – Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. They’re closely interconnected with each other because both involve an emotional process. We’ll call it a ‘thought-form”. For example, anger creates a negative thought form, while happiness creates a positive one.

7- HIGH VIBRATION/EMOTIONS – If you’re in a state of high elevated emotions, no dense energy can penetrate that. Try to remember to be in a state of gratitude, joy, love and, compassion. It’s better to be in a higher vibration than being angry, don’t you agree?

8- I want to add one more item to the list. It’s your Alone Time. Your “ME” time. Ahhh. You can let out a sigh of relief now and relax.

Start practicing any of them daily, and you’ll feel the difference in your life!

Make a comment below about your experience and share it with others. We’d love to know!

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