Emotions: A gateway to Inner Peace

When people believe we must only focus on what we think is positive and avoid what we feel is negative, ask yourself, why are we here?

Living in a duality world, we are here to experience both the light and the dark. If we don’t embrace the negative, then we’re living in illusion just as much as someone who only looks at the negative.

Its time we learn how to live consciously aware and awake in every moment. Accept all that comes to meet you with an open mind and heart. In this way, you live in the present.

Your emotions are the path to your joyous journey of ascension. It’s about connection. When “stuff” comes up . . . Rejoice!

It means that you have made the decision to release all that is holding you back by opening to Love, your true and eternal nature.

Buried emotions showing its ugly head is always unsettling, but allowing them to flow will bring you to a space in which inner peace will enfold you.

31 thoughts on “Emotions: A gateway to Inner Peace

  1. Not healthy to suppress emotions but also unhealthy to blurt them out unheeded. Having patience tolerance and insight helps to moderate them over time with persistent effort. Inner calm by taming the mind is essential πŸ™‚

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Yes, you are so right. We can hide behind buried emotions, or mask them with a smile but the smile will never be genuine unless we release those emotions and let go of their hold on us. Thank you so much!

  3. Living while awake and aware – a favorite way of mine to describe present moment consciousness! I agree too how emotions are a gateway to true joy once we learn how to navigate them.

  4. A refreshing post Bernice β€˜think positive’ seems to have become a samey samey, one size fits all phrase πŸ‘

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