Don’t Give Up

Your life becomes a reflection of what you focus on, what you give your energy to and how you allow it to consume your thoughts.

We make choices every day that will either move us forward closer to where we want to be or keep us stagnant. It takes courage to walk off the beaten path.

When your shadow is wrapped in pain, you may consider going back because it’s all too familiar. Don’t give up. Continue to move forward through the unknown.

You’ll never know how close you are to find the peace, people and place that will nourish your soul.



43 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up

  1. Thank you, Bernice. You know, this came at perfect timing for me. You are a sweetheart. My spiritual mentor J-R said, she wins who endures to the end. So true! Blessings 😊😊 Debbie

  2. I think a Lot of times we are so afraid of what the future has for us that we revert back to the familiar not realizing that going forward will stretch us and help us to become who we were meant to be. Thank you for this timely piece.

  3. “You’ll never know how close you are to find the peace, people and place that will nourish your soul.” = Love the inspiration and the visual. Thank you.

      1. Thank you. I’m running behind. Packing, painting, cleaning siding… Trying to get this house ready to sell, puts me a bit behind on reading. 😊

  4. Lovely piece of advice. As someone with anxiety, it becomes easy to just walk away from many things that scare you. It is always important to continue pushing the envelope even if it is in small steps! πŸ˜„

  5. A beautiful reminder! Way too often we give up on our dreams because we don’t think we can achieve them. However, we don’t know how much closer tomorrow will bring us to our dreams. It is one of the few things that keep me believing in my dreams. Thank you for sharing.

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