Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

‘The angels are the dispensers and administrators of the divine beneficence towards us; they regard our safety, undertake our defence, direct our ways and exercise a constant solicitude that no evil befall us.’  John Calvin, French theologian


One of the most cherished beliefs held by many people is that everyone has a guardian angel and they are by our side at all times. These are non-human celestial entities sent directly from the Creator who is with us from the moment we are born until our physical death. In other words, they are “messengers” between the Creator and ourselves.

Angels love us unconditionally; they want nothing more than to help us. Their role is to support us, and guide us away from fear to a place of comfort and safety.

Angels are part of most religions. In fact every belief system I’m aware of mentions some sort of spiritual presence or being either in their texts or oral tradition.

If you repeatedly receive a message (in your head as you’re driving or doing some mundane work like washing dishes or doing the laundry) to do something positive, that’s your inner divine guidance, urging you to do it. Your angels are your personal coaches encouraging you to keep going!

You can call upon them for assistance whenever you feel overwhelmed. Guardian Angels are available 24/7 awaiting your call. Based on our free will, they cannot assist until we welcome them in (ask for their help).

Dear ……and angels, I surrender my day to you,
knowing only good things are happening now and only
peaceful experiences are before me.
And so it is!

36 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

  1. I’ve been learning lots about archangels. They are such amazing beings of light and love to help us with our daily lives. I’ve been writing about them one at a time on my blog. They are so much fun to work with!! Angel Blessings! Beautiful post!

  2. Guardian angels have protected so many people unawares, given us fantastic ideas with a voice that could only be heard as a random, out of place, surprising, thought.
    They remind us to be just and fair. They guide us to our destiny and steer us away from calamity. Sometimes in life we get knocked back so hard we just give up, and after a few days, weeks, months there’s that little voice that says, “give it another shot, but do it better and go farther than before,” and you know what? that voice is responsible for some of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. That voice I believe is sometimes your guardian angel who knows your destiny and has a mission to make sure you accomplish it, even when you can’t see it for yourself.

    1. I’m with you there J.J. Our guardian angels are there beside us every step of the way…as you say “even when you can’t see it for yourself”. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I had an encounter with my guardian angel – I made a post “Angel by My Side.” Also an angel came to pick up my son-in-law’s mom. She wanted to wait until her son’s birthday. The angel came back right after his birthday party (on Friday) in her hospice bedroom at home. She told me the angel was sitting in the chair right next to me – I was standing. After a while, she said she would go HOME on (the following) Monday. And she did!

  4. Hi, I believe in Guardian Angels also, when my Dad passed away, I was devastated, I was daddy’s little girl. I was at work, and a song came on Daddy’s Hands, Then I went home to make dinner and opened up a box, the box end, after I opened it had the shape of a heart on it, and after that, I have been receiving hearts from my father everywhere, my children even noticed it and now they believe me. I talk to my dad every day or evening, and after I get done I find hearts, and somethings good happens. So yes, I do believe in my guardian angels.

  5. A very definite and huge YESSSSSS. They guided me here to this blog. I can feel their energy with me – telling me to go have lunch.

    Love and light to you all.

  6. I believe in guardian angels. I believe my beloved foster mother Helen Ruth is my guardian angel, or someone sent to walk with me very much like her. I call her name about as many times a day as I say the name in thanks “Jehovah.” Like Him, she walked with me in my early life as I believe she does now. Yes yes yes. I believe in guardian angels, and hope that each and everyone of us has one. Like you mentioned, asking for their help will make them known.

  7. I have an angel and she was at my side for the death of both of my parents and at other times throughout my days and years.
    I know she is with me because of her unique sweet smell. The fragrance is sweet and cannot be described. I am the only one that can smell her, with the expectation of my two sisters. They can smell her.
    I will smell her just lightly at times and other times it is so intense I have to ask “What?, What do I need to be aware of?”
    My sisters have angels as well. One gets Goosebumps when here angel is around. We are so blessed to have the angels walk with us.
    Thank you as always for your great inspiration! Blessings:)

    1. Oh! This is such a great affirmation that we all have angels by our side. We just need to be aware of their presence as you have indicated. Thanks for sharing Susan!

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