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All living things radiate an energetic field, called the auraacting as an operating system for our body. It needs Prana or Chi (“life energy” running through us) to keep us alive and vital for that operating system to run. 

When our chakras are balanced and aligned, we can easily bring forward power, love, and inner wisdom to everything we do.

When the chakras are congested or blocked, it can affect us in different ways. For example, it may reveal a disease (physical body), depression (emotional body), low self-esteem (mental body), and may feel depleted (energetic body). 

We will uncover the root cause of your issue.

We will provide our CHAKRA & AURA READING Report to assess imbalances and blocks in each of your seven chakras and a recommendation for each.

Looking intuitively at your body the report may address issues with organs, limiting beliefs, past life connections, and much more.

Secondly, we will scan your aura for spirit attachments and leaks.

Thirdly, we will provide a message from your Higher Self or a Spiritual Guide as a GIFT TO YOU. 

Please keep in mind this is not a healing session, but rather a reading to give you guidance on where your body needs attention and care. We are here to provide you with clarity and understanding regarding how you’re working on a subtle level and how you can take steps towards wellness and a more harmonious state of feeling.

You will receive a pdf via email with the results within 7 to 10 days of ordering.

If you’re interested in CHAKRA & AURA READING we will ask you to provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Recent photo
  • If you choose, you can write the reason you’re requesting a session or ask a question

NOTE: This is not a replacement for medical or psychological advice of any kind, it only provides a guide for you to work with. If you believe your health is at risk, please seek professional help.

5 stars + I highly recommend the Psychic Chakra & Aura Reading by Bernice and Lila. The messages were delivered from the heart and it was evident that they were connected to the Divine. Everything was explained in a clear manner and the reading was on point. I plan on exploring the other services that they provide”. With Love and Light, Denise

“I am genuinely grateful for Bernice and Lila’s service with their Psychic Chakra and Aura Reading. It gave me incredible insight and also confirmed beliefs that I already knew. It is beautifully illustrated and written, explaining in detail what each Chakra represents and then offering yours in detail. The “Message From Your Higher Self/Guides” was truly a gift and brought me so much comfort. I highly recommend this service if you are interested in a deeper understanding of yourself and spiritual growth. Thank you to you both!” -LV

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