Chakra & Aura Reading

Were you aware that our limiting beliefs, emotions, etc., can create energy blocks in a particular part of our body, producing imbalances? These imbalances affect us in different ways.

For example, it may reveal a disease (physical body), depression (emotional body), low self-esteem (mental body), and you may feel depleted (energetic body).

My colleague Lila and I can tap into your energy field where past lives, traumas, memories, etc., are stored.

We created a CHAKRA & AURA READING Report that includes:

  1. an assessment of imbalances and blocks in each of your seven chakras and a recommendation for each.

2. an assessment/scan of your mental, emotional, and spiritual/karmic body.

3. a personalized message from your Higher Self or a Spiritual Guide.

With this reading, we’ll take a comprehensive look into your energy body to see the current state of your seven major energy centers, called the chakras, and understand how they’re functioning. This will allow you to identify any blockages present and bring awareness to anything that might need to be taken care of.

Our CHAKRA & AURA Report is $25.

If you are ready to discover more about yourself click here.

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