What is Energy?

As you sit there reading this post, energy flows around you and through you from radio waves, television, cell phones and electricity. All energy holds a frequency of vibration, even physical matter, and this frequency will either move slow or fast, depending on the density of the physical matter. Therefore, all matter – the chairContinue reading “What is Energy?”

Shine Your Light

I invite us all to step fully into our Divine Purpose.  Let’s shine our light as bright as possible. It is time to remember our own song and sing it out to the world. Mother Earth is going through a time of change and transformation. Many of us are awakening and experiencing the changes withContinue reading “Shine Your Light”

A Breathing Technique That Energizes Your Body While Meditating

We rise in the morning with the best of intentions, but without actually setting one, it can be hard to stick with even the simplest plan. Let’s start with the basics. Breathing. We first have to learn how to breath efficiently to gather more energy into our body at any given time. “Complete Breathe” isContinue reading “A Breathing Technique That Energizes Your Body While Meditating”

Life Is To Be Enjoyed Now

I look around and notice the older generation slowly slipping away and transitioning to the other side. Even a few of my friends left at a young age. I’m only a stone’s step away. I’m grateful for the fond memories of friends and family who are no longer living on the physical plane.  Memory isContinue reading “Life Is To Be Enjoyed Now”