Honoring Motherhood

  In May we celebrate and honor motherhood and all of the Mothers in our lives. This is no coincidence that we do this in a month when many around the world honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Divine Mother and embodiment of unconditional love. I wish you all a blessed Mother’s Day this yearContinue reading “Honoring Motherhood”

Mother – Daughter Relationships

  Mother and daughter relationships can be complex but are also filled with compassion and love. Two years ago, my mom decided to take care of her parents, both 88 yrs old. My grandmother was raised in a different era and in hard times. When she migrated to the US, in the 50’s, she didn’tContinue reading “Mother – Daughter Relationships”

The Bestest Valentine’s Card

Scattered pictures and cards are spread on my floor. Sweet memories run through my mind forming a smile, I let out a chuckle or two and an overall sense of melancholy descends. At the end of last year, my son moved out of the house to start living on his own. Hmm,  I can finallyContinue reading “The Bestest Valentine’s Card”