Camouflage – Poem (A Tanka)

Through,  Annie, I learned a new form of Poetry: a Tanka. It is a classical Japanese poetry containing five lines with 5-7-5-7-7 syllables in each line respectively.

I decided to take a shot at it for the prompt today: Camouflage.



When I am unseen
I feel safe in the darkness
Full of prejudice
Camouflage is the color
of my skin. My cover-up.

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11 thoughts on “Camouflage – Poem (A Tanka)

  1. I had to peer hard to decipher the object in the background and if not the gun I may not have been able to do so. So succinctly written and so true too. Well done!

  2. Beautiful, brilliant Tanka!! “Full of prejudice” gives it a more mysterious feeling. The picture goes very well with it, too. Did you know I had to look at the image twice before realising what I’m seeing? 😀
    Well done, I love this and look forward to reading more of your work! 🙂

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