Being In The NOW

The more we are in the present moment, the easier it is to navigate.

As I’m writing this post, I am conscious of my thoughts, how my body feels sitting on the chair, how my fingers tap on the keys. What about my breath? I can feel my chest rise and fall, my stomach rise and fall.

Consider this next time when you walk into a room and as you leave the room, how are you feeling? How are you feeling in conversation? What if you get triggered by what the person said? Can you focus on the trigger?

We are designed to be rock stars through this shift and to remember our sovereignty, our truth, our voice and our freedom.

Being in the present moment takes constant practice. It’s not easy, especially if we’re busy with family, our career, external factors, and it can pull us from the present.

The NOW is the gift that allows us to move through everything we go through with ease and grace.

At some point this week, become the observer and notice how each moment flows to the next moment.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath to get yourself centered, and focus on your breath. Notice how your body is feeling, feel your emotions, listen to your thoughts, listen to your beliefs (I got no time for this, complete bs, etc. )

Being in the now is one of the gifts of stepping into our mastery and becoming the multi-dimensional being we are here to be.

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