Be Your Truth

Speaking your truth. It sounds simple enough – and sometimes, it is. When everyone around you agrees and supports you, speaking from your soul is powerful and uplifting – a total boost. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an easy thing to do, but it does show your strength to show your authenticity, and it encourages you to continue.

Until that day comes, when someone lashes out at you because they don’t see eye to eye with you.

You know what I would tell you, you held their interest. You triggered them.

It may be scary, but every time you hold back the truth, you make fear more important than love. Don’t lie down and drink the Kool-aide.

The greatest cause of dis-ease is emotions that manifest into physical pain in our bodies—you want to swallow your truth and work at a job you hate, remain in an unhealthy relationship, go ahead, we all have a choice.

When we heal our suffering, we heal this world.
When we do what we love, we heal this world.
When we enjoy what we’re doing, we shine.
Speak your truth, be your truth, live your truth—and go make some money off your truth while you’re at it. ~ Janne Robinson

Embrace your truth and Be.



33 thoughts on “Be Your Truth

  1. Speaking the truth puts you on a good path so we should always strive to tell the truth at all times. An amazing post 👏

  2. I’m finding out there are a lot of people who don’t know their truth.

    When we grow up in a dysfunctional home where speaking the truth is seldom heard, we grow custom to go with the flow.

    We don’t share our truth because we learn to feel is wrong.

    And we believe it.

    It’s hard to speak the truth when we are continually telling ourselves lies.

    Great post!😀

    1. Unfortunately, what you shared is true. But there comes a time in a persons life, when they hear someone speak from their hearts/soul, it may spark a light within and inspire them to do the same and not be judged by how they’re feeling. Feeling non-judged I believe is key. Great to hear from you! ~ Bernice

      1. Yes!
        That’s what takes place in a 12 steps program.
        Newcomers hear someone share from their heart how drugs used them, and they didn’t use drugs.

        People can relate to honest sharing.

        Bernice, it’s always good to talk with you. You feed my spirit. 🤗

  3. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Speaking your truth is so liberating, but definitely not easy. I am feeling and experiencing this currently after so many years of holding back! Thank you for sharing such a powerful post 🌟

  4. Love this. For a long time I’ve been working on finding my voice. I’m getting there. I “lost” my voice when I was young and figured out that I didn’t like to “rock the boat.” It’s taken many years for me to become a little more outspoken. I’ll get there. I’ll overcome that fear and really embrace the love. (I love the way you put that, hehe). Sending hugs! I hope you’re well!

    1. Hi Cynthia I’m doing well. I’m taking the time and enjoying life. Having fun. I have to tell you I’m not able to comment on your page. I drew a mandala for class and I had so much fun creating it! I may be hooked. 😊

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