Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

These days it is so easy to feel insecure about our appearance. Whether it is because of the mean comment that comes our way or the photo-shopped image we see in magazines, it can be so easy to feel self conscious about our body.  When was the last time you felt comfortable in your own skin?

In this inspiring video by Jubilee Project, we are taught a powerful lesson in liking ourselves, and those who teach us this valuable lesson are, surprisingly, children.



25 thoughts on “Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

  1. I just love what the kids had to say. So cool the way they think about themselves and their body. I wonder when we start losing that ability. Or covering it up. Maybe we never lost it. Just forgot about it.

  2. Love this post. Thank you for sharing. Whatever happens to us as we get older? The children are so innocent and honest and creative. I also loved the older women in the film; she has got it together. As I age, I am working towards being like her, accepting myself as I am and becoming all I can be, regardless of other peoples perception of aging.

  3. When did we learn to be so critical of ourselves? A lovely video with an inspiring message, thanks so much for sharing it.

  4. The message is just clear: Stay the way you look because it wouldn’t be you when you change something. In other words, love yourself the way you are.

  5. ally came to the conclusion that I ACCEPT I know that I can’t change, the clock ticks for us all, but if you feel at peace and beautiful inside you remain happy and that includes everything, people love us for who we are not how we think we should look, (I’m not brave enough for surgery, but I also think it’s a band aid, nothing is permanant, I take care of myself, and I’m me.Life is like season’s each phase has lovely things and if we choose to we can be comfortable with it all.

  6. What a fantastic message ! Thanks for sharing. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. Let’s embrace it.

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