Awaken Your Authentic Self
Group Coaching Program

What if you could connect with your Higher Self and Spiritual Guide to
finally understand what you’re meant to do in this life?


Fri, June 3rd at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST and Sun, June 5th at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST



Awaken Your Authentic Self

It is an important time where we can work on ourselves and deepen our understanding of our wounds and issues.
If you’re ready to find your life’s purpose and unleash your greatest potential, this course is for you. 
Hypnosis and energy healing modalities guide you deep into self-discovery, releasing your limiting beliefs. Connect with your Higher Self and Spiritual Guide to finally understand what you’re meant to do in this life.
This course is created to expand and raise your level of consciousness.
Benefits of being in a group program:
Groups stimulate creativity
Group fosters learning and comprehension/accountability
Groups enhance communication and a sense of community
Students gain a better understanding of themselves / problem solving
Explore your takeaways from this unique experience



Nice to meet you. I’m Bernice Cruz.


I am a hypnosis and energy healing practitioner and spiritual coach.


I am here to help those that wish to rediscover WHO they are. Healing through connecting with WHO they came here to be.
Fear,  Worry & Anxiety are 3 "blockers" 
we must learn to release
before miracles are allowed in our life.

I invite you to Re-Awaken your Deepest Knowings.
You will be guided by many Beings of Light.

Course Curriculum

For Your Spiritual Journey Healing


Welcoming you to embark on an introspective journey that guides you to becoming authentic.

Module 1

What is one fear that is constant or keeps coming up for you? What stories, beliefs, or attachments are causing this reaction?

Module 2

Whatever energy is not aligned with your higher vibrational field will be transmuted. The Andromedan Whales comes through with their high level frequencies.

Module 3

Quan Yin, an Ascended Master, comes through to fill you with the vase of compassion and forgiveness. You will meet with your inner child.

Module 4

Learn how to connect with your Angelic Guide, receiving their name, messages and guidance about your purpose

Module 5

Summary and Reflection

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Group Coaching 4 Week Online Program

Each session is approximately 60-90 min

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Shelly L
Shelly L
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Working with Bernice has been an eye opening experience. Before I met her, I didn't realize how much our internal blocks and low vibrations can affect our lives. I've learned how to shift my energy and elevate my vibration through her guidance. I've been able to navigate the challenges I've faced in many areas of my life. I'm grateful to Bernice for her wisdom and insight. It's genuinely changed my life for the better.

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