Are You Afraid of Death?

I’m going to attend another wake tonight. The person who passed away is my friends mother from the class I attend. Within a short period, seven out of twenty of my classmates have had a family member cross over. I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t living it.

Most people are afraid of death, since, in their limited reality, dying means they no longer exist. They believe this is their one life and there is nothing after this one except one huge void.  My father instilled in me a sense of uneasiness of dying growing up. Who can blame him? But as I got older, I realized this was his belief…not mine.


I’ve come across people who are religious and are afraid to die because, despite all their ‘good deeds’ in their lifetime, they don’t want to take the chance of being condemned to hell.

I’ve pondered deeply on the meaning of life more than I can count and I bet there is not one human being out there who hasn’t done the same. Its lead me to the profound and very powerful realization that there is a much deeper meaning than just survival as a human.

I have come to a place of understanding and grace knowing that we are much bigger and grander than our earthly existence. Our bodies “die” but our spirit lives on.

If you have some anxiety of death, look at it this way, enjoy the life you are experiencing today.

46 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Death?

  1. True said .No one knows when and how death will come .It’s good to live in present and not to think about death which is not in our hands.Death is serene,calm and exit from world ,but it also drew our soul to eternal power according to our Karma .Nice lines👌

  2. As you already know in most of my posts I talk about death. Through that I speak about life.
    Death is one that makes life better and beautiful.
    It warns to live positively and in the present.
    Your line:
    “If you have some anxiety of death, look at it this way, enjoy the life you are experiencing today.” This is 👌👏🙏

  3. Interesting post ! The last sentence of this post is great advice. I would say enjoy now, in the present moment. 🙂

  4. What an awesome post, and I agreed with the fact that death can only terminate the biological functions of human but human soul lives on. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I have posted something similar sometime ago. It always amaze me that people are scared to talk about death but they can’t stop thinking about it 🙂

  5. I understand death from a spiritual perspective, but from a natural perspective, there is something unsettling about it. Death is really an enemy to man and was not meant to happen. Yet, because of the sinful nature of man, death was introduced. For me, I believe I will continue to sense death as a stranger, but it is also a doorway to eternity. It was not until I had become an adult that I learned my grandmother passed while she was holding me. I think I was around the age three months old. While too young to understand, and too young to remember my grandmother, knowing death was so close helps me understand the feeling I’ve felt through the years.

    1. Our human mind may not comprehend the complexity and/or grandness of it all – what’s out there – however, I truly believe our spirit/soul does. I went to the funeral last night and seeing the person in the casket would have rattled me a long time ago – now it doesn’t. But it can be a bit eery thinking this “body” is going to be buried.
      Love your grandmother story.

  6. This is a complex subject. I too have pondered. We say there is better yet to come, but we just don’t want to go?! I hope to be of service-I hope to perfect my love for others, all of my life-and to remain grateful. What lofty notions! I hope you will write more on this subject. I enjoy your posts. thank you

    1. Thanks. I like your thought of being in service. Perhaps a guardian angel to my family. 🙂 Last night, at the funeral home someone whispered to me this should be a celebration. It shouldn’t be so solemn. 🙂

  7. I think it is a definite parameter of growth when we are able to contemplate the idea of Death without distress. I remember being scared thinking about death as a little girl. And now life just feels so meaningful and magical because there is death waiting to happen. The sadness of others passing is there but the fear not so much. Thank you for this thought-provoking post.

  8. I’m not sure I fear death but I’m aware of time passing quickly, perhaps that’s an illusion though, I’m not sure. I feel that as the transience of life becomes more real, I want to make sure I’m spending my time on things and with people that make me happy. I guess I’m more mindful than I once was.

    1. Good to see you! I haven’t seen you in a while. I’ve talked to so many people and they too say that it feels as if the days/time are zooming by. It’s crazy.

  9. I can honestly say I have no fear of death because why fear something we can’t change. Personally I do not believe in Hell I think that is a man made fear! Do I think Heaven is man made? Definitely not because our lives are a series of journeys and lessons. The pain would be leaving loved ones although again I believe we meet again in another dimension. 😇

  10. That’s a lot of losses. But death is inevitable for all of us. An open door into the next realm. We are but passing through here 🙂

  11. My view of death is the same as yours. As a result of that, I don’t fear death. I certainly don’t want to go anytime soon though – still much I want to see & do.

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