The Book of Awakening

There is a Buddhist precept that asks us to be mindful of how rare it is to find ourselves in human form on earth. To feel enormous appreciation for the fact that we are here as individual spirits filled with consciousness.

It asks us to recognize that, of all the endless species of plant and animal and mineral that make up the earth, a very small portion of life has the wakefulness of spirit that we call being human.

loving youself

We are blessed—in this time, in this place—to be human beings, alive and in rare ways we often take for granted.

Today you are precious and rare and awake. It ushers us into grateful living. It makes hesitation useless.

Grateful and awake, ask what you need to know now. Say what you feel now. Love what you love now.


Enter your day with the conscious intent of doing one thing that only humans can do.

When the time arises, do this one thing with great reverence and gratitude.

Mark Nepo – Excerpt from The Book of Awakening

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  1. I read Nepo’s Book of Awakening almost every morning. I do love his poetry, too. I was first introduced to him through his poetry collection, Reduced to Joy. I also enjoyed his essays in 7000 Ways to Listen. Thank you for posting this. This excerpt distills his inspirational approach to life.

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