An Act of Kindness

Ever noticed the bathroom cleaners at the airport and thought, “Wow, I bet that job sucks”? Or as you’re walking to work, you saw a homeless person lying on a bench in a fetal position because it’s cold outside and didn’t think twice about it? Perhaps you’ve smiled at the sales person as she is handing you back the change as if to say “thank you” but the words never came out. I know…I’m guilty of it myself.

We all want to make the world a better place. Don’t you believe that kindness is the key to making that happen? These photos were taken yrs ago and published in the local paper.

He let an unidentified man sleep on his shoulder
“I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch”…then she cried.


Small gestures such as holding the door open for someone can make a difference. Here are a few others:

  • Smiles are irresistible and catchy.
  • If you use public transportation, it’s busy and there are no free seats, be the first to stand-up and let a weary traveler, pregnant woman or elderly person take rest.
  • Send flowers unexpectedly. No reason needed. Just because.
  • Make your colleagues/classmates a hot-drink. Expect nothing in return. Well…maybe some doughnuts.
  • Speaking of doughnuts…why not buy and share them.
  • Pay compliments.
  • When a person is talking to you _really_ listen to them. Be mindful.
  • Tell your loved ones that you love them. Regularly.
  • Stand up for others.
  • Stop complaining.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Stop speaking ill of others. Let your words be kind.


Kindness Challenge Wk 2

28 thoughts on “An Act of Kindness

  1. Today, I came across many posts about ‘Kindness challenges’ and I’m so impressed of how many people actually start doing them! 😀 So glad that your post is among them! 😀 I’ll sure try it out. And, an idea for a bigger project just came to my mind. #excited 😀 Thank you for writing this post! 😀

  2. I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing. I love when you talked about how small gestures truly do make a difference! You are amazing writer! Can’t wait to read more of your work!

  3. Thankyou for this post, I’ve been feeling like a shitty person lately and this is motivating me to be better. You’re a star ⭐️ Great post!!

  4. I love this. You can’t do everything but you can make a small gesture. It makes a big difference. I may have to do a kindness challenge too. 🙂

  5. Random acts of kindness can definitely make a difference in this world, that difference may be small but it counts. Thank you for this inspirational.

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