All Life is Made of Light – Transfiguration

twin flames

As we are a reflection of the creator, light is who we are.
There is nowhere to go to experience our radiance.
We just journey within to our true nature.
~ Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman has spoken often of the practice of Transfiguration, which means to transform, heal or cause a change using the power of light. In her book, Medicine for the Earth, and Walking in Light, the underlying estoric beliefs are that all life is made of light.

Her core principle states that we can change the world and heal others by our presence and by the love and light we radiate.

Sandra writes that we can absorb the light into every cell of our body and transfigure any darkness by using our own inner flame.

With soothing music or allowing yourself to get into a quiet place, hold the intention that you want to experience the light within.  Imagine a flame in the center of your heart.  In your in-breath visualize the flame get larger and brighter. Visualize the flame move through your body, illuminating each and every one of your cells.   Keep your focus on watching it move and expand through your whole body. If you lose the connection, just gently bring yourself back to absorbing the light into every cell resting in your own innate spiritual radiance.

She mentions if you practice this every day you will find it will help you to be more present in this world of distraction, chaos and confusion. It will also have amazing healing experiences in all areas of your life.

21 thoughts on “All Life is Made of Light – Transfiguration

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using this type of meditation too. It work wonders! I love how the light makes me feel.

  2. I’m glad this post has made it onto your blog. This is a powerful visualisation that accelerates Spiritual growth and will help you reach higher levels of consciousness.

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