Acceptance is Freedom

I recently went down the rabbit hole for a few hours by reading other people’s FB posts. I noticed the hostile remarks left behind regarding their political views and how much of their stance on the situation is FACT and TRUE, therefore, looking down on the other person because they don’t see something the same way they do.

Here’s to you FB “friends:”

What someone believes doesn’t define them. Instead of proving to someone that you are right, try to see all perspectives as valid in some way.

Think about all of the people whose beliefs you find deplorable and how much time you’ve spent in their judgment, caused a rise out of you. It has made the human collective less powerful, less capable, and further from becoming what you are destined to become: a harmonious human collective.

Why is there such a need to be right and a need to draw a line in the sand?

Just accept right now, even with the world as it is in this moment, that you are all one, and you are all coming together as one, whether you like it or not.

Acceptance is freedom.

You may not resonate with what I wrote and that’s fine with me. You can express yourself without using derogatory words. 😆

15 thoughts on “Acceptance is Freedom

  1. Oh my goodness you nailed it and this speaks to me. I have noticed the need for competing in others, the need to top each other, as well as the attempts to discredit the achievements of others. It’s awful really and what usually helps me is to realize the pain and fear someone must be living in order to behave this way. It’s not an excuse or to soften and discredit their actions, but it brings me a little more understanding and compassion, not wanting to pass judgment myself.

  2. I’ve resolved to post at least two cute animal photos for each political post I share on FB. Fortunately my two kitties provide plenty of subject matter for photos I can share.

    1. You can block the political stuff on FB? I wasn’t aware of that. Or do you mean, you don’t give it any of your energy? If the latter, I don’t either, but it was one of those days. Haha.

  3. Judgement is fear in action…and we all respond accordingly I’m afraid. Mind you, if I tread on a snake…I’m gonna judge it instantly…and run away 😂 🤣

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