“Bernice made me feel comfortable with the process. It’s hard for me to sit still so just thinking that the entire session would take as long as two hours was already daunting and nerve-racking to me. Overall the entire experience was great. I would definitely recommend Bernice especially if this is the first time considering hypnosis.”

“I was not sure what to expect from my hypnosis session with Bernice. It ended up being a tremendous help! Bernice assisted me to connect with an ancient part of myself that still held onto feelings that needed to be resolved and healed today. It was a very freeing experience! I feel much lighter of heart. I highly recommend Bernice for her sensitive and compassionate professionalism.”


Universal Rays Healing

“I would highly recommend Bernice for a Universal Rays Healing session!  Bernice was sensitive, caring, and very tuned-in to my needs and personal journey.  She was very accurate with the messages she received during my Soul Reading and healing sessions.  There was a lot of confirmation for me regarding certain things I knew about myself.  There was also discussion afterwards about what came up during the session and suggestions about moving forward.  I was very comfortable throughout the whole process and found it very healing.  In fact, I was so comfortable and at peace during the table session that I did not want it to end!!!  I am looking forward to going back for my next session with Bernice!!”    Michele R

“When I met Bernice she gave the guidance that I needed at that time. I was holding on to things that didn’t serve me anymore. Bernice brought me clarity and I felt more at ease with life. Through her work I was able to find my self worth and inner strength. I am grateful to have been recommended to meet with her. I would recommend Bernice to anyone. Thank you Bernice.” JD, New Jersey

“After my URH session I feel lighter, clearer, more focused and aware.  I’ve even had a couple of dreams with the spirit animal that showed itself during  my healing session. I’m truly looking forward to my next level session. Thank you for your healing energies.”  Maggie




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