A Rebirthing Period

Weather modification is one of the top secrets of the military. While many of us are familiar with chemtrails and HAARP; there are still countless of others who may find the issue unbearably bizarre for them to even consider.

Recently, two major hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, hit the U.S. There is so much controversy as to whether or not the storms were artificially enhanced and/or engineered. However, that seems to distract us from what these storms are trying to inform us of in a larger context.

Hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and other natural occurrences are always necessary to the electromagnetic balancing & well-being of the earth. These natural events have been happening for eons. The balancing of our planet is a continual ‘natural’ process; it’s an equilibrium shifting that has always occurred and will continue to take place as needed.

Our planet/mother earth is cleansing herself. It’s a wake-up call for all to finally let go of the old and feel the loss to make way for something new.

Much peace and prayers for those who have been affected by these storms. 🦋 💞

12 thoughts on “A Rebirthing Period

  1. Both are true – the fact that they thinker with natural forces and that the planet needs to adjust itself. I trust in the wisdom of Mother Earth as being much deeper and long-going than the interests of a small group of people currently manipulating our world. <3

  2. I really am so intrigued by this post! Indeed, Mother Earth purifies and frees itself from all the dirt that is being built up by the master minds- ‘homo sapiens’.
    May God bless all the souls affected!

  3. I’m so glad to read this. For some reason, I don’t feel fearful of this storm (and we’re in Florida). I just kind of feel as if the earth is doing what it needs to do, and like you said, it’s been doing that before we were here. On a separate note, I did watch a video that shows how NASA makes rain clouds…now that’s a scary thought lol

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