A Prayer for Your Day

May you find comfort in another day of life
for you have been given another sunrise to enjoy.
May you look at the world with the eyes of love.
May you, by becoming the answer to someone else’s prayer, 
find the answer to YOUR prayers.

May your light
shine the way for others to see their beauty within.

May you be in gratitude for what you have.
May you show respect by listening, acknowledging and embracing your feelings
and treating others with the same respect you want to receive in return.

May you connect with others with patience, kindness and love.
May you remember that the future depends on what you do today.

My contribution to Debbie’s #ForgivingFridays series.

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28 thoughts on “A Prayer for Your Day

  1. May you, by becoming the answer to someone else’s prayer,
    find the answer to YOUR prayers. Loved the words.
    Thank you for sharing such kind and beautiful thoughts.

  2. Every connection inhabits a layer of trust. We don’t always say the right things, nor do we say them in they way they might want to be heard. That’s where the trust comes in. Everything can come across as perfect when this measure is there.

    Thanks for the deep contemplation.

  3. Bernice, I love love love this! 🙂 So similar to the post I did for #ForgivingFridays last week. In fact, I’d love to share this for this Friday’s post. Is that good with you? If yes, simply link back to the post and include Forgiving Fridays in your tags.

    You are such a beautiful Soul with a caring heart. Blessings to you Bernice, hope all is well –

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