88 Portal Meditation

Humanity is undergoing an intense shift. As the gears of evolution are steadily moving, many feel a certain stagnation.

This may seem like a slowing down of progress, but behind the scenes, that is not what is happening.

It is the calm before the vital shift into the higher dimension. Do you feel the energies? How is it affecting you? Sleeping more?

Currently, the energies are being orchestrated to assist you in the preparations to experience the shift of the ages.

You are held in the loving embrace of God/Source to make the last push to lift you out of the third dimension into the higher dimensional reality.

It was always designed that way.

The following meditation activates consciousness through our DNA to help us anchor more light, life, and love. This is what we and the world need now. FEEL the energies. Please don’t allow the mind to get in the way. 🙂

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