4 Surprising Wellness Tips

4 Surprising Wellness Tips for a Happy and Healthy Aging Experience

At Spiritual Journey Healing, we seek to provide answers to your most pressing questions about life, work, family, and health. One of the most common health and wellness inquiries many adults offer is how best to maintain their positive and youthful energy as they grow older. This may seem like a straightforward question but there are so many trends, gimmicks, and potentially harmful pieces of advice out there. That’s why we wanted to gift you these practical and proven tips for nurturing your body, mind, and soul no matter your age.

Get Upside Down

Suffering from back pain? Then you may want to consider picking up an inversion table for your home. While it may seem extreme, hanging upside down for a few moments each day can realign your body to provide relief for muscles and joints. Inversion tables allow you to do so safely, but be sure to read through reviews and specs before deciding on one. Pay special attention to warranties, height and weight limits, stability ratings, and durability.

Aside from soothing back pain, being upside down can have additional benefits for both your mind and body. Inversions help direct oxygen-filled blood back to your brain, which can lead to enhanced mental clarity and focus. Plus, inverting through yoga poses or an inversion table can slow the aging process by helping you decompress from life’s everyday stresses.

Soak in Your Tub

If your muscles and joints have gotten stiff or achy with age, taking a bath can also provide health and wellness perks that can help you feel younger. The warm and soothing waters will help your body relax but don’t be surprised if your mind feels more at ease as well. Taking a warm bath before bedtime can even help you sleep better, which is crucial for healthy aging.

For even more comfort and positivity with each soak, try adding soothing salts to the water. This added treat can prove especially relaxing when your mind is wrapped up in all of the chaos and uncertainty that seems to fill the outside world. So soak for a bit and vibrate above it all.

Heal Your Soul

When you read through healthy aging guides, the focus tends to be on your mind and body. There’s little mention of your soul, even though experts agree that spiritual wellness is just as essential as physical and mental well-being. Including spiritual practices in your daily routine, whether it’s reading, meditating, or praying, can provide so much clarity and peace amidst the chaos and conflict that can swirl around you.

For even more grounding, consider investing in the soul-soothing services of Hypnosis & Energy Healings. Not only will your spirit feel more grounded but you will find more balance for your mind and body as well.

Cherish Your Body

Last but most certainly not least, it’s important to remember that your body is a gift that should be cared for accordingly. The good news is that if you have not been doing so up until this point, you can improve your physical health at any age. Doing so simply requires you to commit to being more active, eating healthier foods, and challenging your mind.

True health and well-being is a lifelong journey rather than a single destination. So equip yourself with resources and tips to maintain your body and brain along the way. Then trust your journey to someone like Bernice Cruz at Spiritual Journey Healing.

Dana Brown is the creator of HealthConditions.info, which aims to provide Internet users with helpful content and resources that will lead them to making healthier decisions. She has 15 years of caregiving experience, and after seeing some patterns of poor health she became determined to help inform people about healthy living.

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17 thoughts on “4 Surprising Wellness Tips

  1. Great post! Everyone is going through stressful times. I’m going through things not even related to Covid for months and I began to feel the effects of being run down. Was nodding off at work, lost weight (which is good but I’d prefer it wouldn’t be due to stress), didn’t have time for any of my goals or passions and basically felt like I was living to struggle. So I started making changes to give myself more time to rest and work on personal things. I started taking supplements and being sure I got enough sleep. Started to eat better. Have taken a couple of epsom salt baths. Left a toxic person in my life that was draining my energy. Feeling 100% better now and will continue to give myself the care that I need.

    1. You’re making the changes in your life to feel great all around. Good for you!! Keep it up and may the new year brings you much peace and joy in your life.

  2. I recently had muscle aches on my shoulders and after soaking in a bath I felt better. great advice! Also, you have a beautiful site. I especially like your post on acceptance is healing

  3. Beautiful and helpful advise. The inversion table stands out the most to me and I think it could help with some of the tension I get in my shoulders and neck as well. Thank you 🙏🏼

    1. I have an inversion table and it’s helped me out tremendously. Many women store their tension in their neck/shoulders.
      This article was written by Dana Brown. She’ll be happy to know you enjoyed it.

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